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A golden touch for Israel's Mei Finegold

03 May 2014 at 14:40 CEST

Mei was wearing a short , sleeveless,black dress, with chiffon at the back. She is accompanied on stage by two female backing dancers, also more simply dressed in black leotards, who both enter from the respective catwalks on the right and left hand side of the stage.

Mei herself starts the song performance, centre stage, though soon utilises most parts of the centre stage, before finally moving out to the catwalk on the left hand side of the stage with her two dancers behind her.

Mei delivers a powerful vocal performance, without the assistance of any backing vocalists.

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It's a hit

In an unusual bit of choreography, at one point all the girls crouch down on the stage, and hit the floor with their hands.

The background screens feature classic architectural shapes, with the lighting changing colour throughout, from gold, through to gret skies. The main screens on the cube feature a large circular design, and it too changes with the lighting, with red lighting shooting up the cube edges at the start of the song, before changing into yellow and gold.

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"I was born ready"

Mei was very happy with her second rehearsal, with only minor changes made with the lighting from the first rehearsal. Mei and her two dancers have also a private rehearsal room whilst in Copnehagen, where they have worked on some minor changes with the choreography.

Mei is an accomplished songwriter, so how did it feel to be singing a song written by another composer (Rami Talmid)? "I am used to singing lyrics of other writers, but this song it's my story, it feels like mine, I adopted it, it's my child."

as far as the stage itself is concerned, she couldn't really describe the feeling of it under her feet, except that "it feels different...I light up. The arena is amazing, as you don't see everything when on stage, as everything is behind me."

When it comes to Israeli Eurovision songs, Mei admits that she has loved each and every one of them through the years, regardless of whether they have done well in the contest, or not, but she loves Dana International, and the 1979 winner Hallelujah is still a bit hit in Israel..