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A Friend In London on the catwalk for Denmark

08 May 2011 at 16:41 CEST

Backstage - A revealing costume

Tim Schou showed his stage costume for the camera backstage. His back is bare.

"We told our designer what we like, and I said that I would like something in style but still kind of shocking and new, and I suggested I might show some skin. Then he suggested that I just show all of my back," Tim explains.

A Friend in London is a band that likes to do fresh things.

"We always try to think of ways to do things in a new way. To keep coming with these ideas that make you stand out, because you have to, since there are millions of bands and artists out there."
They are an indie band, and are not yet with a record company.

"We do everything ourselves and are still unsigned, so we don't have a label. For the past six years, it's been good for us just to get the feel of how things work in the business, which people are good for you and so on."

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Rehearsal  - Run, Tim, Run!

Once again, the group A Friend In London took their positions on the huge stage at the Düsseldorf Arena.

From here the use of position lasers to show the positions of the artists and props is quite prevalent as there are three guitarists, two backing singers, a drum kit and amplifiers that need to be placed in the exact position.

All goes dark in the arena, the positioning lasers disappear and the band start playing their song, New Tomorrow. 

During the initial stage of the show the white graphics move to the beat of the song and the light rigging is raised with dynamic spotlights creating a very rock like setting. The backdrop of abstract white images and flashing white lights provides quite a show. 

Vocally, the guys are strong, especially seeing as there is a lot of movement that often can take its tolls on the quality of singing. Seemingly no problems here though!

Once again the lead singer Tim Schou kicks a large ball during the latter part of the performance, and in an apparent change from the first rehearsal, continues to run down the catwalk, where he is followed by the ingenious "spider cam" giving some great shots.

To finish off the performance Tim returns to the rest of the band onstage and some pretty clever work with the steady cam brings it all to a nice conclusion. 

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The video of Denmark's second rehearsal:

Press Conference

The guys from A Friend In London started the press conference by describing themselves and where they name came from. They say their name is, "about meeting people everywhere and having new friends all over". It is also more personal to Tim as he has a friend called Damien in London. 

"I run man, I run like a crazy person", said Tim when he was asked about kicking the ball and running down the catwalk during his performance... 

"The ball represents the world and kicking the ball and running after it is sending a message to everyone", he went on.

The band explained the writers of the song and how they relate to the band. "We met in Copenhagen and they said they have this song they wanted us to play. We normally play our own music so it was a dilemma. If we were to do this we had to rearrange it so it sounds like our own songs."

The press conference ended with a photo opportunity with the band. 

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