A Friend In London (Denmark) 2nd press conference

During the rehearsals, singer Tim kicks a white ball down the catwalk and walks after it. “Actually, I ran like a crazy person!” he explains. But in the other rehearsal, he finishes the song on the smaller satellite stage. What will it be for the song in the Semi-Finals, he’s asked? “Maybe this is a surprise,” he remains elusive.

Tim likes to explain how collaboration with the lyricist Jakob Schack Glæsner came to be. He and bass guitar player Ash were working in a day care centre where Jakob sent his child. He asked them if they wanted to sing his song. “We loved it, but asked him to rearrange it to sound like A Friend In London,” explains Tim.

The Youtube film that features the band is a clip showing Egyptians persevering on Tahrir Square in February of this year. It was edited by a Danish journalist who used the band’s music to bring the message of the song across. The guys are flattered: “It’s great if people find a meaning in the song,” says Tim. Sebastian adds: “Of course we don’t want to encourage something concretely.” Asked how they felt when they saw it, the band unanimously answers that the video sent shivers down their spine.

The question concerning their hairstyles remains unanswered. Did Jedward copy their hairdo’s or did the Irish twins’ quiff inspire them? A Friend In London claim that it was Jedward’s songwriter who revealed the hairstyles to them, because he’s Danish. “But they’ll lie when you ask them, don’t believe a word they say,” Tim quips. The ball is now in Jedward’s court.

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