A Friend In London (Denmark) 1st press conference

After having rehearsed their pop/indie rock piece, the guys were asked how they felt about playing in front of a big crowd. Based on their experience, they were quite laid-back when responding: “We played during an ‘X Factor’ show and that was before 40,000 people,” explains Tim. Also, the band is the proud winner of the European final of the ‘Bodog Million Dollar Battle of the Bands’, in which 40,000 bands had participated. “We were representing Europe in the top ten,” he adds.

Their career took a steep rise from there on. Of all the places in the world, they became an amazing success in Canada. A Canadian manager suggested they do some showcases. It wasn’t long before they were sent four plane tickets. “The crowds there loved our music so we came back again and again,” says Ben.

The quartet has a clear vision of what to do after the Eurovision Song Contest. In June and July, they’re planning to complete their first album. Before that, however, all four happily agree that it will involve lots of interviews and partying.

One of the better-known Danish celebrities is Brigitte Nielsen, who is acclaimed to have two strong arguments in her favour. Does A Friend in London have an argument, the guys are asked? Their succinct response: “I will be popular, I will be popular.” It’s the Swedish entry’s chorus.

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