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A fiery start for Denmark in Malmö

06 May 2013 at 16:15 CEST

Backstage Emmelie was nervous and excited, it was the first time she was to see the big stage at the Malmö Arena. 

We followed her as she went from the dressing room to her soundcheck and then on to the stage, where her first rehearsal was to take place. 

She told us that her performance was to be very similar to how she performed at the Danish final whilst at the same time being slightly simplified and different. 

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The rehearsal started in much anticipation with the penny whistle played by one of the drummers standing on the catwalk. The camera then panned to Emmelie sitting on the stage and typically barefooted. 

The stage contained many tones of reds, yellows and oranges reflecting the fiery nature of the song. On stage Emmelie was joined by three backing singers and two drummers who performed a carefully choreographed routine 

During the last run through we got a glimpse into the main change compared to the Danish national final; a huge curtain of pyros falling from the rigging above the stage, giving the song a huge finish. 

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Vocally, you could not fault Emmelie at all. From the soundcheck right up until she was on stage she sang almost perfectly. She also had a constant smile on her face, signifying her excitement in being at the Malmö Arena and marking the start of her biggest gig yet.