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A fantastic Ukrainian party!

18 May 2008 at 20:16 CEST

In the Ukrainian party yesterday, all fans and press who were present were treated with free drinks and food. But of course there was more to get excited about - Ani Lorak, the singer representing Ukraine in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, presented her entry Shady Lady, as well as several of her own songs and some cover versions of international hits.

Furthermore, the Ukrainian delegation had invited the representatives of all other countries to perform at their party as well, and some of them were more than happy to accept the invitation. Among the artists performing on stage were Diana Gurtskaya (Georgia), Miodio (San Marino), Geta Burlacu (Moldova), Dima Bilan (Russia), Ruslan Alehno (Belarus), Boaz Mauda (Israel), Sirusho (Armenia), Wolves Of The Sea (Latvia), and Charlotte Perrelli (Sweden).

In between their performances, two "legends" out of the Eurovision Song Contest history were also performing live on stage. One of them was Dana International, winner of the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest and composer of this year's Israeli entry. And one more truly special guest was Verka Serduchka, who had gained a second place for Ukraine in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Of course, her mother was with her, too. Verka performed Dancing Lasha Tumbai, last year's Ukrainian entry, as well as some new tracks out of her latest album, Dancing Europe. Stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Verka Serduchka for!Β