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A fairy tale including cosmic antennae for Moldova

06 May 2011 at 20:33 CEST
Zdob si Zdub - So Lucky (Moldova 2011)

Before going on stage, Zdob şi Zdub explained the meaning of their tall hats backstage: "It's kind of a national costume. With these hats we have contact with the cosmic spheres. They bring some positive energy to everybody!" 

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In their rehearsal today, not much changed compared to the first one. Vocally, Zdob şi Zdub were flawless and their elaborate performance worked well on stage in front of the LED screen displaying puppets dressed up in folk costumes.

The band members were wearing black tall hats while performing in their usual rock band style. The main role of the stage act, however, was played by Tatiana Iliescu, who was acting as a fairy in a short dress, wearing a white tall hat. She entered the stage on a monocycle, playing a small trumpet and dancing around the lead singer of the band, Roman Iagupov.

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In the press conference, the delegation stated that they were pleased with their second rehearsal. When the press conference host asked how hot it was inside such a tall hat, the lead singer Roman Iagupov stated: "I almost don't feel it anymore. I've already started to sleep in this hat."

He also described the band's experiences when they made a trip through Düsseldorf wearing their hats: "Children were throwing flowers at us, and people were trying to steal my hat. So I guess they liked us."

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From which countries does the Moldovan delegation actually expect the most points? Roman explained: "Obviously those countries where it's snowing and where people need a hat like ours."

In the following days, the band members were planning to play some football, practise their mastering of English, and repair a trumpet that was damaged during today's rehearsal.