Alyosha - Sweet People (Ukraine 2010)
Alyosha - Sweet People (Ukraine 2010)

A dress change in the wind for Ukraine

There were only slight changes in the staging of the Ukrainian act in the delegation's second rehearsal today. As the prop the team had prepared could not be used after all, Alyosha performed all alone on stage, without special effects. But there was even no need for additional gimmicks, as the charismatic singer convinced with her amazing vocal abilities alone - the audience in the hall was amazed by her performance of the melancholic rock song Sweet People!

Alyosha presented her Semi-Final clothes for the first time today: She was wearing a long light brown dress decorated with red fringes. In the beginning, she also wore a black leather coat with hood, which she removed and dropped to the floor during the performance.

The Ukrainian delegation used the wind machine, which was switched on during the first chorus of the song, making Alyosha's hair and dress float in the air. The stage was lighted in red, and the performance started with a red spotlight on Alyosha.


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"My song is very self-sufficient, it doesn't need any dancers or special effects"

Alyosha started the press conference by greeting the press, and she stated that she was very satisfied with the sound and staging of her second rehearsal. She explained that the national selection in Ukraine took place very late, and she only realized a few weeks ago that she would come to Oslo and make her dream of participating in the Eurovision Song Contest come true. When she was asked why the team opted for such a simple staging for the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest, Alyosha replied: "My song is very self-sufficient, it doesn't need any dancers or special effects or backing vocalists."

She invited everyone to the so-called "Green Game", a football match organised by the Ukrainian delegation tomorrow as a part of the Ecovision program, supported by Alyosha. A colourful ball designed especially for this occasion was also shown to the press.

A journalist asked about the link between Alyosha's environmental protection efforts and her song Sweet People. She said that the theme of her song is the very same, and she intends to make people look out of their windows and see the tragedies of the world. Her personal past also played an important role for her efforts, as she grew up in the industrial city of Zaporizhzhya which suffers heavy pollution, and she was born in the same year the Chornobyl desaster happened.

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