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A donkey on stage for Montenegro!

13 May 2012 at 11:12 CEST

Before starting their rehearsal, the Montenegrin delegation was waiting backstage, and Rambo Amadeus was training his voice. Our most important question to him was if the donkey that was the "star" of the preview video will it also be on stage during the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. "Yes, we will have it on stage today", Rambo Amadeus confirmed.

Talking about the idea behind the song and the stage performance, the Head of Press of the Montenegrin delegation, Sabrija Vulić, said: "We want to change Eurovision."

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On stage, Rambo Amadeus still performed in casual clothes today. He played an electronic guitar and he was accompanied by backing artists playing guitars and a drum kit. And, of course, the donkey he described to us before was part of the stage act too, but it was not a real one, as this would be a breach of the Eurovision Song Contest rules. Instead there was a wooden donkey mock-up with wheels!

On the LED screens in the stage background, colourful and fast changing pictures and numbers were shown. Two backing dancers were also on stage, displaying red banners with parts of the lyrics of the song written on them.

In the press conference, the Head of Press of the Montenegrin delegation, Sabrija Vulić, first introduced the team and said that he was happy that Montenegro was back in the Eurovision Song Contest after two years of absence. Rambo Amadeus was still hiding under the press conference table at first, but then appeared to gave a short statement himself: "Hello. Thank you."

A journalist then asked what was the significance of the Trojan Horse on stage. Rambo Amadeus explained that it was not a Trojan Horse, but a Trojan Donkey, which was not as important in history, but it should be given a chance too.

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A Polish journalist asked Rambo Amadeus if there was a political meaning in the lyrics of his song. He explained that it was not his intention to express a political message, but just the story of a simple man, and that "Europe" was also the name of a Greek goddess. "We are a bit neurotic about the big changes that are going on in the world right now. There is a post-industrial informatic revolution going on, and we have to ask ourselves and others a lot of questions right now."