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A Celtic "Heartbeat" for Ireland

03 May 2014 at 18:03 CEST

Backstage, Can-Linn and Kasey were in high spirits, the whole delegation appeared to be relaxed. We spoke to songwriter Jonas Gladnikoff who told us, "the first rehearsal appears to have gone very well and we don't have any technical problems. I'm looking forward to seeing how the second rehearsal goes".  

On stage, you can see that the song contains a salute to the group's Irish roots, with a violinist and two Irish dancers accompanying Kasey on stage. There are also two backing singers providing vocal support. 

Kasey was wearing her stage dress, once again Celtic inspired with a long silky train at the back. The dress itself is gold in colour and covered in diamond-like sequins that glisten under the stage lights during the performance. 

The two dancers are wearing traditional Irish costume, including black kilts. The two backing singers appear in long black dresses. 

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The stage colours are warm shades of reds, yellows and oranges all sporting Celtic inspired shapes and patterns, with an emphasis on circular shapes. 

In the background a swelling dark sea features throughout the song, with lightning bolts periodically shooting down into the water. At the end of the song, this erupts into an orange sky and green water image, which rounds of the perfomance nicely. 

Kasey appeared very confident on stage with very strong vocals throughout all her run-throughs today. 

"You can feel the energy"

When Can-Linn feat. Kasey Smith entered the press conference stage, the first question they were asked was how their rehearsal went. Kasey said, "everytime we rehearse, it gets better and better, so we are very happy. It was about getting comfortable with the stage and getting comfortable with our surroundings". 

Discussing Ireland's last place in Malmö last year, Kasey said "we receive a lot of support from Ireland so we aren't too worried". 

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The group's mentor Hazel Kaneswaran said, "we have a great song this year and have put our hearts and souls into this performance so we hope we will do well this year". 

From now until the second Semi-Final on the 8th of May, Hazel said the group will be rehearsing to perfect their performance but will also be encouraged to have some fun. She jokingly said, "we are Irish afterall".