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A busy national selection weekend ahead!

Posted 7 March 2014 at 14:34

Are you still looking for evening entertainment options for the upcoming weekend? Then look no further - here is a complete overview of all national selection shows for the next few days! Be sure to check out our full calendar too, to see when the remaining countries will be choosing their entries for Copenhagen.
As soon as we know the results of each respective show, we will announce them on Eurovision.tv as well as on the official Eurovision pages on Facebook, Google+, VK and Twitter.


20:05 CET: First semi-final in Norway, broadcast live on the NRK website.


20:00 CET: Slovenia is ready to select their entry for Copenhagen, and guess what: we will broadcast it live on Eurovision.tv! Watch it in our WebTV Player.
20:00 CET: It's time for one of the most loved national selection shows, the final of Melodifestivalen in Sweden! Watch it live on the SVT website.
20:00 CET: The host country Denmark is also selecting their entry. You can watch the show live on the DR website.
20:55 CET: Second semi-final in Norway, broadcast live on the NRK website.
22:15 CET: Portugal provides us with some late night entertainment - you can watch the national semi-final live on the RTP website.


21:00 CET: Join us for the presentation of the song that Sergej Ćetković will sing for Montenegro in Copenhagen - we will stream it live on Eurovision.tv!
20:05 CET: Third semi-final in Norway, broadcast live on the NRK website.
20:30 CET: The third semi-final will take place in Belgium - watch it live on the een website.
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