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A breath of fresh air for Greece

15 May 2015 at 15:17 CEST
Greece: Second rehearsal
This year marks the tenth anniversary since Greece won the contest for the first time. Since then they've had a pretty good run of successful results, mainly with up-tempo songs. This year marks something of a departure with the strong ballad One Last Breath.

The look and feel of the second rehearsal for Greece is very much the same as the first rehearsal that they had on Monday.

There is a touch of the dramatic in the performance of Maria-Elena Kyriakou, with some sweeping arm gestures, pointing upwards, especially once she removes the microphone from its stand. Have a look at our photo gallery to see some examples.





Some nice overhead camera shots, looking down on the stage add to the overall effect, and Maria-Elena is not afraid to look straight down the camera lens to engage with the television audience. 

The audience in the arena will also appreciate the singer's excellent performance, as she commands the stage. Although she is not alone on the stage, as seated at the piano next to her is the co-composer of One Last Breath, Efthivoulos Theocharous. 

In this 60th anniversary year, Greece has provided an entry that evokes the memory of some of their previous ballads.

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"Sure we will give Cyprus 12 points!"

At the short press conference following the second rehearsal. Maria-Elena stated that they were very happy with their rehearsal, the sound with her backing vocalists was great, and that the movements were ok. "All very professional" was how she summed it up.

Maria-Elena is no stranger to competitions, having won The Voice of Greece, but did you know that her mother had put her forward for Pop Idol back in 2006, but that Maria-Elena had been too afraid to go to a contest. She wanted to take her diploma as a teacher, so she had something to fall back on. However after ten years, and having children, she felt established enough to pursue her love of singing.

Maria-Elena was born in Cyprus, so naturally enough she was asked whether she had met the Cypriot entrant, John Karayiannis? Yes - she has met him and they are friends, and Maria-Elena thinks his song is very good, "a nice soft ballad, and for sure we will give Cyprus 12 points!"

For that to happen, then both Greece and Cyprus will need to qualify through their different Semi-Finals. Given that Greece has always qualified since the Semi-Final system was introduced, did that mean she felt under pressure?

"I'll have my last breath on stage...I will need oxygen to pass to the Final" she exclaimed, much to the amusement of the assembled press.

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Will Greece be celebrating a second win in the contest, a decade on from their first? Tell us your thoughts below.