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A big red heart for Croatia's Feminnem

19 May 2010 at 17:33 CEST

Feminnem had won the Croatian national final earlier this year with maximum points from both a specially-formed jury and the televote. Their trust was rewarded today by a convincing rehearsal by the three girls! Supported by two female dancers, Feminnem were omnipresent on stage starting off on a bench in the back part of the stage. When the song got more rhythmic, they moved to the very front while embarking on a dance routine.

Blue and red glittering elements were placed above the heads of the Feminnem girls while blue drapes gave the performance a simple, but classy setting. The use of several steadycams at the beginning of the song helped to create a haunting atmosphere. The stage is lit mainly in dark colours throughout the whole song while a windmachine is used in big parts of the performance. The Croatian team revealed the stage clothes as well, elegant dresses in light orange.

At the end of the performance, a huge, red, heart-shaped prop was displayed at the front of the stage with the Feminnem girls being in the centre of it. A very effective ending which might work in favour for the sympathetic girlgroup.


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"Everything was perfect"

In their press conference today, the Croatian group said that their rehearsal went very well, there were no complaints about the sound or the lighting at all. Asked if they'd get nervous in front of such a big audience, the girls answered that they wouldn't be. They added that there will be some slight additions in the props for the next rehearsal, with some additional roses being integrated into the performance.

There was no special idea behind the song, and according to the composer, Feminnem are the perfect group to perform it. The song was translated into several other languages as well, but for the group it's important to sing in their native language.

When asked how it would feel to be in the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, Feminnem answered that they are more mature now, and that they have a close relation with the song this year.

After the Eurovision Song Contest, Feminnem have already lots of gigs scheduled in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Furthermore, they have recorded a song together with Miro, the Bulgarian representative this year, and they will shoot a video for it soon.

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Feminnem was founded in 2004 at the initiative of Croatian composer Đorđe Novković. A year later, having won national final in Bosnia & Herzegovina, the band performed at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv with the song Call Me. Their first studio album, Feminnem Show, was named after a very popular TV show at the BHT1 channel of the national television of Bosnia & Herzegovina, which the girls hosted. Having released a number of hits, Feminnem won the status of the first girl band in the region. Pamela Ramljak and Neda Parmać have had to change the third member of the group two times since the founding of the band, but since the arrival of Nika Antolos, they are certain that this will be the permanent and final Feminnem. Their new album, named was made in collaboration with author and producer Branimir Mihaljević. Apart from Branimir, they collaborated on the new album with producer Luiz Rodriguez (Modern Talking) for the duet with the Spanish teen star Alex Manga, as well as with Freddie J. Cooper (Boyz II Men).