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A big crescendo for Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

Today, Mørland & Debrah Scarlett from Norway returned to the Vienna stage where they rehearsed A Monster Like Me for the second time. Subtle changes have also been made to the presentation to further enhance it on screen.

Backstage, the Norwegian delegation were busy preparing for their rehearsal. We spoke to choreographer at NRK, Mattias Carlsson, who confirmed that a number of changes were made to the presentation, most notably to the ending which is set to be even more powerful both on screen and in the hall. 

Mattias went on to say, "all the focus should be on the song and the artists, so we don't think we need any graphics". He also confirmed that certain camera angles have also been adjusted and that the choreography has been fine-tuned. 


Once on stage it was immediately apparent that the presentation had been enhanced, with awesome steady cam work at the beginning, and the entire first part of the song being filmed in one shot. The chemistry between both Kjetil and Debrah was much improved with the new choreography and both had great eye contact with the camera throughout. 

One fan said, "I get goosebumps every time!" when describing the performance.

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"One step closer to the goal"

The conference started with he Norwegian postcard being played, which was filmed on a lake near Salzburg and involved a boat race! Kjetil likened the scenery there to the lakes and mountains of Western Norway.

Kjetil and Debrah were then asked by the moderator how they thought the second rehearsal went to which Kjetil replied, "it went well; we are one step closer to the goal".

Asked by a Polish journalist how it feels to be among the favourites, Kjetil said, "It's inspiring and encouraging to see that people like our song". 

After this, an Australian journalist asked Debrah whether being a red head gives her a secret power to which she jokingly responded, "the key to success is to just be a ginger".

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