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A Big Balkan Ballad for Montenegro

02 May 2014 at 20:17 CEST

"I feel great", Sergej said when he arrived backstage. "Everything was fine already in the first rehearsal, we're only making some small changes - for example we felt that the stage was a little too dark."

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Today one of the backing vocalists, Martina Majerle, is celebrating her birthday. It's already her seventh participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. "After the first time I thought - OK, that was my chance, and probably I won't be back on the Eurovision stage. But here I am again! It feels so great, you always see familiar faces and I've made a lot of friends but of course it's always something new as well", she said before today's second rehearsal of the Montenegrin delegation.

In his stage act, Sergej Ćetković first walks to the centre of the stage alone, and towards the end of the song, his four backing vocalists join him from the back. He wears an elegant black suit, fitting the nostalgic atmosphere of his ballad Moj Svijet. Sergej delivered a very confident vocal performance today.

One key element of the stage act is a figure dancer who enters the stage from the catwalk. Wherever her rollerskates touch the floor, it shines, sending out white sparkles - an effect which is well captured by aerial camera views.

This week Sergej has apparently enjoyed the time in Copenhagen - check out his performance together with Tijana from F.Y.R. Macedonia:

"We are here to win!"

The Montenegrin artists started the press conference by singing a part of their Eurovision entry a cappella.

"The rehearsal went very well, thank you! The sound was great, the staging as well", Sergej commented "My career is 15 years long, but I am happy for some new experiences."

Explaining the meaning of the figure dancing on stage, Sergej explained: "Jovana is the sun - Montenegro has 250 days of sun per year - she is bright, she is warm."

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Why did Sergej decide to sing in Montenegrin and not in English? "The song is much stronger in my language. Everyone is singing in English, so I wanted to do it differently. And this year we don't have Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, so I feel I am representing them too. Furthermore, we have backing singers from Croatia too, so I am very happy to have such an international team." They went on to perform an excerpt of the English version, My Love, for the press audience.

"It's a love story - it's the same in English and Montenegrin. It's about a boy trying to catch his first love", he told the story of the song lyrics.

So, what about Sergej's expectations? "This year we are going to break the tradition of not going to the final. We are here to win!"