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A ballad on the catwalk for Estonia

While preparing backstage for her performance, Birgit Õigemeel told that she was excited but confident about her second rehearsal.

Performing second in a Eurovision show is often considered a special challenge but Birgit's view is optimistic: "I think it's better actually to perform earlier in the show because the TV viewers stop paying attention to the songs when the show progresses."

Performance on the catwalk

In her rehearsal, Birgit performed a big part of the song on the catwalk, using wind machine effects. It started with close-ups of the singer which were shown in black and white on the screens and then went over to wide shots.

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Birgit and her three male backing singers gave a vocally strong performance on a stage set in blue colour, fitting her long white dress.

"I am happy to sing in Estonian"

In her press conference, Birgit Õigemeel stated: "The second rehearsal was great. Everything went well. We have to do some more practices, and we have to make some changes with the camera shots." The Head of the Estonian Delegation, Mart Normet, added that it was only minor behind-the-scenes discussions about the stage colours.

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On the question if her outfit was dangerous in any way, Birgit commented: "I have my lucky shoes here because I wore the same shoes when I won in Estonia. The dress is huge but I like it and I’m confident that nothing will happen."

For her future career, Birgit Õigemeel has not exactly made up her mind yet. "It will be a different time of my life. I’m pregnant, in autumn my baby is due and then there will be a four-month break. I hope that, if I qualify for the Final and everything goes well, maybe I will have some concerts outside Estonia and proceed with an international career."

Birgit's original profession is a music therapist. "Everyone asks me: Music therapy – what is that? It's actually a very useful means to heal people. You can really help people, you can play instruments with people that are stressed and need therapy, for example", she explained.

When she was in her teens, Birgit used to play the violin but she hasn't done so recently. "I’ve enjoyed singing and playing the violin together. But Eurovision is too important to sing and play the violin along if you do it not so well."

Birgit's Eurovision song Et Uus Saaks Alguse is being sung in Estonian in the Semi-Final. On the language choice, the composer Mihkel Mattisen explains: "The song wasnt’t written for Eurovision. As Birgit always sings in Estonian, I wrote the song for her like that. That's why also Estonian TV wanted her to sing it in Estonian, so we didn’t change it." Birgit added: "Estonian is a very beautiful language, so I am happy to sing in it."