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7 things to look forward to in 2015!

02 January 2015 at 01:01 CET

While you check-out the top things we have picked out to look forward to, what are some of yours? Which country do you keep your fingers crossed for? Did you like the greetings by the stars of the Eurovision Song Contest? Let the world know in the comments!

1. 60th winner

This is the year when we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the world’s biggest music event! This also means that after Conchita Wurst’s smashing victory, we will have the 60th winner (if we don’t consider that in 1969 we had 4 (yes, four) winners)! Let’s enjoy the very last months of Conchita’s rule and wait for the new winner!

2. More tickets!

As only 25% of the tickets for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest have been put on sale, we got plenty more in the next waves. The next time you’ll have the chance to get them is this month. Good luck!

PS! Don’t forget to get tickets only from the official ticket suppliers!

3. To know how is it to have all female hosts

We have never seen three female hosts before on the Eurovision Song Contest stage but will have the chance in Vienna! Not to forget we'll also see Conchita Wurst hosting the Green Room!

4. 1,000,000th fan on Facebook

Fans have been an integral part of the Eurovision Song Contest for decades. But never before have they been able to be so close to the show than the last years when social media took over the world. We’ve been very lucky to have a fast-growing community. While last year we reached more than 2 million people then this year, it’ll be 3!

But as a landmark, we will reach the line of 1 million followers in just one social media channel - Facebook! Have you already invited all your friends?

5. 1,000,000,000th video view

Talking about big numbers, just after a few short years we’re so very close to 1 billion video views in the official Eurovision Song Contest channel! When will it happen? This year. That is for sure. But which video will it be? So far, our most watched videos have been these three:

6. The stage

Remember the stage in Copenhagen? It was quite smashing, right? Be sure this years Host Broadcaster ORF has worked very hard and it will be equally wonderful also this year. We’ll show it to you as soon as we can!

This content is unfortunately no longer available

7. Visiting Austria after 48 years

It’s been way too long since the world’s biggest music event went to Vienna. Not just long but 48 years! So, we’re glad to go back and see what kind of bridges Vienna will build!