Eurovision song contest semi-final 1 liveshow
Eurovision song contest semi-final 1 liveshow
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5 arguments to convince a Eurovision anti-fan


Everybody knows at least one. No, we are not talking about Eurovision fans. We are talking about Eurovision anti-fans; people who passionately despise everything Eurovision. In this post we give you five strong counter-arguments to convince even the most seasoned anti-fan of Europe's favourite TV show.

It's not what you think it is

"It's a freak show!" It is one of these comments you may get to hear from your anti-fan friend or relative. In the monologue that follows, your anti-fan flawlessly names numerous Eurovision entries from the past years that had sizable props, too many pyro or outrageous costumes. While the level of detail they are able to produce inadvertedly reveals that they have no only been watching, but also did actually watch. Avoid a confrontation over that discovery — use their knowledge against them by reminding them of some of the more recent success stories the Eurovision Song Contest saw.

There is definitely something in it for you

While the Eurovision Song Contest fits in the category 'popular entertainment', it's not all about pop music. This year alone gives you rock, country, traditional balkan music, opera and dance, just to name a few. From uptempo to ballads, from beautiful singers in equally beautiful dresses singing ballads to 

It's not all neighbour voting

An opportunity to rethink

With 'All Aboard!' as the theme of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest there couldn't be a better moment to tune in and rethink. 

Be part of something big

The Eurovision Song Contest is the most watched entertainment event in Europe, and most likely in the world. Beyond the music, it is an opportunity to get together with family and friends, share your thoughts and have fun.

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