43 acts in the running for Lithuania

There were 70 songs originally submitted to LRT for consideration in the 2011 selection. These 70 then became 43 as a special jury commissioned by LRT decided which songs would advance to the semi final stage.

There will be a total of three semi finals which will be held on February 5th, 12th and 19th respectively. These shows will be pre recorded. Three songs from each semi final will directly qualify to the final. The voting in the semi finals will be a split of televoting and juries. Broadcaster LRT will then select five wildcard finalists, and website zebra.lt will also select a wildcard finalist. That will give a grand total of 15 competing songs in the final. The final will be aired in late February although LRT has yet to officially confirm the exact date.

The list of lucky acts to have made it to the semi final stage is :-

  •   Ruta Šciogolevaite - I Will Break Free
  •   Evelina Sašenko - C‘est Ma Vie
  •   Mino - Don‘t Go
  •   Linas Adomaitis - Floating To You
  •   Donny Montell - Let Me
  •   Sasha Song - The Slogan Of Our Nation
  •   Donny Montell & Sasha Song - Best Friends
  •   Vilija - Dreams
  •   Nora - What Is Love?
  •   Monika - Days Go By
  •  Jurate Miliauskaite - Tiesiog Diena
  •   Egle Petrikaite - Laimingi Kaip Mes
  •   Urte Šilagalyte - Candy Baby
  •   Martynas Beinaris - Tomorrow And After
  •   Ramunas Difartas & Gyvo Garso Klubas - Before You Go
  •   Agnieška - Her Name Is May
  •   Eden - Sleep Of Mind
  •   El Fuego -  Esu Zmogus
  •   Egle Jakštyte - Meile Yra
  •   Valdas Maksvytis - Leisk Mylet
  •   Deividas Bastys - My Girl
  •   Violeta Valskyte - You Make Me
  •   AvenueAcoustic - Atgal I Nuodeme
  •   Dovydas Mašcinskas - Dirty Avenue
  •   Aurelija Slavinskaite - The End
  •   Viktorija Ivaškeviciute - Be My Baby
  •   Guoda Isado - Ciuto Tuto
  •   Gintare Korsakaite - Atmerk Akis
  •   Grazina Jonušaite - Mylek Savo Prieša
  •   Flaer - Kibernetiniam Sode
  •   24for7 - Puffy Lips
  •   Laura Jaraite - City Of Steel
  •   Egle Petrošiute - Smile
  •   Vigroses - Freedom Of Mind
  •   The Independent - 7th Bus
  •   Dave and Henry - Fresh Air Dream
  •   Timohi - Setellite Of Setellite
  •   Mezzo Tronic - I Mean It
  •   Liepa - Laukiu
  •   Tofu Bubble - Take
  •   Greta Smidt - Electronic Love
  •   Asta Pilypaite - Will You
  •   Kas Jos Tokios? - Unbreakable

A familiar name to return to the Lithuanian selection process is Sasha Song, who represented Lithuania in Europe's Favourite TV Show in Moscow in 2009 reaching 23rd place in the Final with the song Love. In Oslo in 2010 InCulto failed to qualify from the Second Semi Final, finishing in 12th place with Eastern European Funk.

Lithuania's biggest success to date was in 2006 in Athens when LT United reached 6th place in the Final with We Are The Winners.

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