3JS (The Netherlands) 2nd press conference

“Basically, our first rehearsal was only an audio rehearsal,” says Jan Dulles. “Now, the camera work is faster, we’re moving more and the light effects have been changed,” he adds. “Seeing the results in the viewing room, we’re happy now,” adds Jaap de Witte.

Asked what the trio does when they’re rehearsing, they characterise each other – Jaap de Witte’s the one who reads the books and takes long walks near the Ijsselmeer. Jan is a bit of a dreamer, says Jaap Kwakman, who likes to listen to music and watch sports, and personally, he likes to take care of his child.

The trio has the third starting slot in the second Semi-Finals. Jaap de Witte has been married for thirty three years now. Is that a good sign, they are asked? “Well, it’s good to have a solid home base when you’re participating,” says the lucky man, “but being three people in the third slot is not important. Sorry,” he adds, cheekily.

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