3JS (Netherlands) 1st press conference

For a long time they didn’t have a name, so their fans gave them one – ‘3JS’ stems from the first initials of the trio, Jaap Kwakman, Jan Dulles, and Jaap de Witte, which is basically a nickname their fans would give them when they were performing in local bars.

But the pop-rock band is living proof you don’t need to have a name to make it big. Their first album ‘Watermensen’ went gold and their second album ‘Vrieden Van Amstel Live’ has become a national classic. Other popular songs of theirs include ‘Dansen Met De Geesten’ (Dancing With the Ghosts) and ‘Tijd Voor De Waarheid (Time for Truth). They write catchy dance and feel-good party music about idealistic and foolish dreamers, combining a certain playfulness with a touch of pathos.

Their contest entry song Never Alone tells a story of cheering up someone who is sad, often invoking poetic language. Despite their easygoing manner, the 3JS confess that there’s a certain pressure riding on them due to the fact that the Netherlands has had a challenging time in the Eurovision Song Contest over the last six years. Says Jaap: “We’re very proud to be doing this for Holland, but we realize there is a bit of a risk because we feel we have to make it to the final”. He suggests that their careers back home might suffer if they don’t do well in the contest. But: “Our goal was to reach the final by producing a good song and we feel we have done that.”

When they’re not performing, the band is campaigning full time for Holland. They even have their own boat in Düsseldorf Harbour where they are staging parties and activities to build the excitement. Says Jaap: We plan to do as much PR as we can and enjoy Düsseldorf.” We wish the 3JS and Holland much success.

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