33 songs selected in Bulgaria

The special jury, called "Academia", is formed by 22 experts representing different generations and music styles. They listened to the 64 submitted songs and selected the 33 that will take part in a second audition.

This second stage of the Bulgarian selection will take place the next 23rd of November when the artists have to perform their songs live. 22 of them will proceed to the semifinal to be televised on Bulgarian national broadcaster BNT the 14th of January 2012.

Here is the list of  the selected songs, ranked according to the votes by the "Academia":

  1. Dess - Love Is Alive 
  2. Teni Omede - Without You
  3. Tsvetelin Atanasov-Elvisa feat. DZ - Love Goes Around
  4. Todor Gadzhalov - Still Love You
  5. Rene Ranev - Alone
  6. Ivaylo Kolev - Searching For The Words
  7. Steliyana Hristova – Putyat (The Road)
  8. Stoyan Petrov - Winner
  9. Sonya Ivanova - Finalna Lyubov (Final Love)
  10. Petar Nikolaev - With You
  11. Ivaylo Kolev - Ima Li Put ( Is There A Way)
  12. Simona Sivanio - Come With Me
  13. Alex & 4Give - Dream
  14. Niki Manolov - That Girl
  15. Vyara Pantaleeva – Vyara (Faith)
  16. Group ' Bee in the bonnet' - Don't Keep Me Waiting
  17. Sunnie - Love Is The Meaning
  18. Group 'Bee In The Bonnet' - Still On My Mind
  19. Sofi Marinova - Prosto Lyubov (Simply Love)
  20. Group 'Better than Grey' - Dream
  21. Simona Sivanio - Eternal
  22. Viktoria Dimitrova - Novo Nebe (New Sky)
  23. Ognyan Zelenkov - Show Me Love
  24. Sunnie - Shut Your Mouth And Do It
  25. Georgi Vurbanov - This Is My Green Wave
  26. Group 'Rolling Over' - Side By Side
  27. Svetozar Hristov - Keep Me Down
  28. Ivaylo Kolev - Contigo puedo volar (With you I can fly)
  29. Group 'Bee In The Bonnet' - Ne Se Obrushtay (Don’t Turn Back)
  30. Monika Kirovska - You Are My Angel
  31. Group 'Random Fact' - Love
  32. Margarita Hranova – Proshka  (Forgivness)
  33. John Steel - Reason To Believe

In 2011 Bulgaria was represented by Poli Genova who took Na Inat to a 12th place in the 2nd Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf.

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