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25 years ago - Johnny Logan wins for the second time

09 May 2012 at 03:51 CEST

History was made in the 32nd edition of Europe's Favourite TV Show, when Johnny Logan became the first performer to win the Eurovision Song Contest for the second time, with his self composed entry Hold Me Now.

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1987 Facts and Figures

  • There was a new record high of 22 countries participating.
  • It was the last time that there would be a physical prop for the scoreboard. All subsequent editions featured computerised graphics.
  • Germany were represented by the group Wind, who had finished second in the 1985 contest, and would again finish in second place.
  • Israel's comedy song Shir Habatlanim was criticised by the Israeli Minister of Culture, who threatened to resign if the song represented the nation.
  • The United Kingdom achieved their lowest placing to date, when Rikki finished in 13th place with the song Only The Light.

About the winner

Johnny Logan was born as Sean Patrick Michael Sherrard in May, 1954 in Frankston, Australia. His family moved back to Ireland when he was aged three. He was the son of the Irish singer Patrick O’Hagan, and started composing his own songs when he was 13. He took his stage name from the main character in the film Johnny Guitar.

He released his first single in 1978, and participated in the Irish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1979 where he finished in third place. One year later he won the right to represent Ireland with the Shay Healy composition What’s Another Year? which won the 25th edition of Europe's favourite Tv show.

The song was a big hit all over Europe, but through poor management and inexperience he was unable to capitalise on his win in the contest, and for a while he was to become another one hit wonder.

He went onto write the song Terminal 3 for Linda Martin, which was the runner up for Ireland in the 1984 edition of the contest.

By winning the contest for a second time in 1987, this earned him the nickname of of 'Mr Eurovision', and his reputation in the contest was further enhanced five years later when he once again composed the winning song Why Me? which was sung by Linda Martin.

Hold Me Now reached the top ten of the charts in several countries, and thus ended his period of being a one hit wonder following his 1980 win. In 2005 at the 50th Anniversary show, Hold Me Now was voted the third most popular song in the history of the contest.

He continues to be a great ambassador for the contest, and frequently appears at national finals and other programmes related to the event.