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2020: The songs that fit our mood

20 May 2020 at 15:57 CEST
So, 2020 sure didn't turn out the way we all thought it would. And with that came shock, anger, sadness, confusion and now celebration, amongst many other feelings. Let's reflect in the best way we know how: through song!

2020 has brought a rollercoaster of emotions to most of us around the world. Many things changed and many beloved events, including the Eurovision Song Contest, were cancelled. This season proved to be a challenging time for us all and tested our true capacity to connect through music. And then? Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light brought us together in celebration and, as such, we can now look forward to Eurovision 2021 together. To capture all we've been through, here are the songs that fit our mood:

Is it true? Is it over?

As the threat of the coronavirus spread, participants and fans of Eurovision around the world started to wonder if the pandemic would impact the Contest in 2020. We all started to question, Is It True (Yohanna - Iceland 2009), could Eurovision really "leave me this way?" The reality that the competition might not go ahead was difficult for many to comprehend.

As we were "falling out of a perfect dream" of a Eurovision 2020 in Rotterdam, there was no more room to "pretend" (Is It True, Iceland 2009). Eurovision 2020 had no choice but to be cancelled.

It Hurts

One could not be criticized for feeling hurt by the circumstances. Many were "looking for an answer and for somebody to blame" (It Hurts, Lena Philipsson - Sweden 2004).

Some may have felt completely devastated or upset. One could not be faulted for thinking that our hearts would now "beat to the sound of silence" (Sound Of Silence, Dami Im - Australia 2016) without the music and performances of this year's Contest.

Remembering the good times

Many found some solace in Aksel's words: "We never know what we have until it's over and we're looking back" (Looking Back, Finland 2020). The cancelation of Eurovision 2020 made it clear what the competition really means to its fans. This feeling of nostalgia allowed fans to find new ways to connect together all around the world and share "all these memories" of past Eurovision Song Contests. Online initiatives such as #EurovisionAgain let fans rewatch previous Contests on YouTube and discuss them together in real-time.

Something to believe in

The Eurovision Song Contest has withstood the test of time and has shown its resilience on multiple occasions, giving us all "something to believe in" (Believe, Dima Bilan - Russia 2008). In such a short period of time, and with so many new health regulations in place, could we "open every door", "turn the unthinkable to a reality" and re-build?

With the support of Eurovision fans and alumni in combination with the strength and resilience from the class of Eurovision 2020, "it would never be impossible". There was still hope!

Rise Like A Phoenix

Just like that, Eurovision burst "out of the ashes" (Rise Like A Phoenix - Conchita Wurst, Austria 2014) and made its comeback. Despite there being no competition or physical, in-person performances, Eurovision "[rose] like a phoenix" and transformed into a celebration of the music we love. Performers old and new entertained the masses in the Eurovision Song Celebration and Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light.

Together, we found a way to connect again through music and honour the 2020 representatives and their songs. We felt optimistic again; Eurovision was "reborn".

United again

Eurovision, "a friend that [we] thought [we] lost" (Insieme: 1992 - Toto Cutugno, Italy 1990) turned out to have never really left. Together, Europe united and showed "love without borders". Just like The Mamas (Sweden, 2020) told us: "we wipe those eyes and then we rise". And so we did - together.


And now, with the announcement that Eurovision 2021 will be held in Rotterdam, "our dream" of Eurovision will become "a reality" again next year (Europe's Living A Celebration, Rosa - Spain 2002). Together "we're going to sing" and celebrate!

Now, THAT is something to feel excited about!

What Eurovision songs best represent your mood so far in 2020? Let us know in the comments!