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2015 Junior Eurovision countdown (Part Four)

21 November 2015 at 17:10 CET
Today at 19:30 CET you can WATCH LIVE the 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest broadcast from the Arena Amreec in Sofia, Bulgaria. While we're counting the minutes, finalises the series of "Junior" articles taking a look at the participants of the 2015 edition, the Super 17.
In this "Part Four" we finish the countdown previewing the entries of San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, The Netherlands and Ukraine!


Despite being born and raised in Russia, Kamilla Ismailova (11) will represent San Marino in this year's Junior Eurovision - and this did not come about purely by chance! Kamilla visited San Marino in her early childhood, and since then this small country has taken a place in her heart. The language, the feeling, the people and their pace of life, and the traditions of the country all made a big impression on Kamilla, who promised herself that someday she would be connected with the country again. San Marino made its Junior debut in 2013, and in Sofia tonight Kamilla will sing Mirror:

Lena Stamenković was born on the 1st of June 2004 in the city of Zaječar. She grew up surrounded by music and arts and made her musical debut at her younger brother’s christening, and hasn’t stopped performing since! This will be Serbia's 7th entry in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and their highest ranking is a 3rd place achieved in 2007 and again in 2010. Despite her young age, Lena’s got a powerful voice and will show it in Bulgaria with her song Lenina Pesma (Lena's Song):

Lina Kuduzović who has been well-known in her country since, at age 7, she became the youngest-ever winner of Slovenia’s Got Talent. Lina soon realised that she loved writing songs as much as singing them. Her first creations were intended for singing at home but this summer she joined the Slovene representatives at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest, the musical duo Maraaya, to create her first ‘real’ song entitled Prva ljubezen (First Love) which she will sing for us in Bulgaria:

Shalisa (15) comes from a tiny old village in the northern part of the Netherlands. She developed her passion for music when she was just a little girl and it has played a big role in her every day life ever since, taking singing and piano lessons. She took part in The Voice Kids, and in last year's auditioning for Junior Songfestival. In 2015 she auditioned again and this time she blew everyone away with her power ballad Million Lights. She hopes to win the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, just as Dutch singer Ralf Mackenbach did in 2009.

Anna Trincher (14) who'll try to emulate Anastasiya Petryk, Ukraine's winner at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2012. Anna’s mother noticed her daughter’s ear for music when she was very little; at the age of 4 she could easily remember melodies and lyrics from unfamiliar songs and mimic them. She started attending music school at the age of 9, later joined a local choir and also writes songs of her own. Anna has participated in a number of musical competitions and festivals, including the The Voice Kids before clinching the ticket to Sofia with her win at this year’s National Final, giving her the change to sing Pochny z sebe (Start with yourself) for us now:

watch live the 13th Junior Eurovision Song Contest which takes place today, 21st of November 2015, at 19:30 CET at the Arena Amreec in Sofia, Bulgaria.