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2008 winner goes on Winner's Tour again

09 January 2008 at 17:29 CET

After the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, winner Marija Šerifović was offered a pre-arranged and pre-paid promotional tour around Europe. From Finland, Marija travelled home to Serbia, to celebrate her victory. From Serbia, Marija and her entourage travelled from Denmark to Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Greece and Germany, with a private plane. The most impressive appearance was in Sweden, where thousands of people gathered at the Gallerien shopping mall in Stockholm to see Marija performing her winning song, Molitva.

 The 2008 winner will again be offered a pan-European Winner's Tour. During the tour, the lucky winner will visit television shows, press conferences, attend signing sessions and perform, all to promote the winning song and the Eurovision Song Contest. The final schedule of the tour will be announced in March or April.


 Participating broadcasters must ensure their artist is available for the Winner's Tour. As during the first Winner's Tour, will extensively cover the trip of the lucky winner.