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The Supernova Jury
The Supernova Jury
Photo: LSM

20 songs in Latvian lineup revealed

Tonight, the 20 songs and acts that will feature in this year's Supernova contest in Latvia have been revealed. Which one will go on to fly the flag for the country in this year's Eurovision Song Contest?

After going through 88 applications the jury said yes to 31 artists. In a pre-selection they chose the best 20. All four Sundays of February this year’s best acts are going to the Supernova stage in live shows that will be broadcast worldwide on the LSM website in HD.

The first ten are going to light up the Supernova stage on Sunday, February the 7th at 20:25 CET, in a live show in order to get to the semi-final. The other ten acts are following on Sunday, February the 14th at 20:25 CET.

The 20 acts and songs

  • Paula Dukure - Look In The Mirror (P.Dukure/P.Dukure)
  • Elektro Folk - Miracle Drums (A.Majors/D.Majore)
  • Rūta Dūduma - Being A Friend (J.Ķirsis/J.Ķirsis, A.Zahovska, G.Krievkalna)
  • Ivo Grīsniņš - Grīslis We Are The Light (I.Viļums/I.Viļums)
  • Sabīne Berezina - My Inspiration (S.Berezina/S.Berezina)
  • Edvards Grieze - New Day (P.Fomkins/P.Fomkins)
  • Marta Grigale - Choices (M.Grigale/M.Grigale)
  • Catalepsia - Damnation (E.Francs, J.Kreilis/E.Francs)
  • Samanta Tīna - We Live For Love (T.Kleins/K.Hauptmane)
  • Justs - Heartbeat (A.Savadogo/A.Savadogo)
  • Madara Grēgere - You And I (M.Grēgere/M.Grēgere)
  • Crow Mother - Demons (J.Andžāns/J.Andžāns)
  • Samanta Tīna - The Love Is Forever (S.Poļakova/V.Petrovs)
  • Markus Riva - I Can (M.Ļaksa, E.Jass/M.Ļaksa, E.Jass)
  • MyRadiantU - We Will Be Stars (J.Zābaks/J.Zābaks)
  • Mārtiņš Ruskis - Still Holding Stars (M.Ruskis/A.Veide)
  • DVINES - Set It On Fire (M.Makreckis, A.Drozdoviča/A.Drozdoviča, J.Drozdoviča)
  • Marta Ritova - Not From This World (M.Cipe/M.Cipe)
  • Miks Dukurs - Paradise (M.Dukurs, E.Rasmanis/M.Dukurs, E.Rasmanis)
  • Iluta Alsberga - On Hold (J.Stībelis/I.Alsberga, J.Stībelis)
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Familiar faces

Several of the artists have participated before in the Latvian selection shows, Electro Folk and Markus Riva took part in the 2015 Supernova, as did the ultimate winner Aminata Savadogo who returns this year as the composer behind Heartbeat. Aminata went onto finish in sixth place in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Love Injected. Samanta Tina, Sabīne Berezina and Ivo Grīsniņš-Grīslis have all appeared in several shows, along with the aforementioned Markus Riva and Aminata Savadogo. MyRadiantU were in the 2014 event.

A member of jury, Kaspars Roga says "that this season is going to be much more exciting, because there are no convincing leaders amongst the songs as it was last year. All the participants have similar chances to win and lots will depend on their live acts. This year the decision of the jury and TV viewers is going to be quite a challenge."

After listening to the songs, which is your favourite to represent Latvia in Stockholm?