1969 - Why France should be the winner!


If the current rules of the contest weret o be loosely applied then France would emerge as the winner, as they received votes from nine juries, with a highest vote of 4 votes eclipses that for Spain.

Many music professionals would probably regard the French ballad as the quality song out of the four winners, and this could well lead to them taking the title with the jury.  As France lost out on the only other dead heat in the contest in 1991, it may be considered unfair to lose out on another dead heat.

Of the four winners in 1969, Frida Boccara is the only one who is no longer with us, as she died in August 1996. There will be a lot of sympathy that she shouldn’t posthumously be deprived of her title.

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More about Frida Boccara

Frida Boccara was born in Casablanca, Morocco on 29th October, 1940. She had previously tried unsuccessfully to represent France in the 1964 contest, and made two further unsuccessful attempts in 1980 and 1981.

She continued to have a successful career with many singles and albums to her credit, prior to her death.

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