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Exclusive video and photo recaps from Thursday's second rehearsals

09 May 2019 at 18:31 CEST
Belarus 2019 second rehearsal Andres Putting
As the pace picks up and the countdown to the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest continues, 15 countries participating in the first Semi-Final on Tuesday 14 May have completed their second rehearsal before the first dress rehearsals and the second dress rehearsal (jury show) on Monday. The participants rehearsed in order of their performance in the show. Greece and San Marino, the last 2 countries in the first Semi-Final will rehearse on Friday 10 May.

The second round of Semi-Final rehearsals kicked off at Expo Tel Aviv on 9 May as delegations get to see the changes that they made after the first rehearsal. The second rehearsal is the last chance to make any final amendments to camera angles and shots, sound levels and nail that all-important choreography and stage positioning. The accredited press were also able to enter the arena for the first time to check out the stage and arena.

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1. Cyprus - Tamta with Replay

Tamta's staging is locked down as she opened the day's rehearsal with tighter choreography and sound in the arena. Pyros have been added to the mix and the staging is crisp and sharp.

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2. Montenegro - D mol with Heaven

Everything is falling into place for D mol after their second rehearsal of Heaven this morning. Decked out in white with dark red and gold accessories to represent the colours of Montenegro's flag, the 6 young singers are having fun on the Eurovision stage.

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3. Finland - Darude feat. Sebastian Rejman with Look Away

There was no need to Look Away as Darude and Sebastian Rejman rehearsed their entry for a second time. With emphasis on the backing dancer and her interaction with the giant video screen, this performance asks people to find their conscience when it comes to global warming.

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4. Poland - Tulia with Fire of Love (Pali się)

Polish folk band Tulia from Szczecin are well practiced when it comes to performing their 'śpiewokrzyk' form of folk music which is coming across well on stage as the 4 singers perfect their staging ahead of Monday's jury final and the first Semi-Final on Tuesday.

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5. Slovenia - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl with Sebi

Couple Zala and Gašper returned with an emphasis on simplicity, which allows focus on the lyrics and the intimacy of their performance. Set against a backdrop of stars, the duo appear in starry white outfits as they perform Sebi.

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6. Czech Republic - Lake Malawi with Friend Of A Friend

Lake Malawi were first on stage after a lunch break at Expo Tel Aviv after a smooth running morning schedule. The band gave another energetic performance with lead singer Albert Černý dressed in his trademark yellow jumper and black trousers.

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7. Hungary - Joci Pápai with Az Én Apám

Joci Pápi returned for his second performance of Az Én Apám during the afternoon. Singing barefoot and dressed all in black, the 2-time Eurovision entrant has a face filled with emotion as he completed his rehearsal.

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8. Belarus - ZENA with Like It

ZENA completed her second rehearsal complete with pyros and a new outfit. Zena switched to a white top with pink and black trim and her backing dancers were in pin-stripe black trousers and black t-shirts with white patterns and ZENA's name across the front.

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9. Serbia - Nevena Božović with Kruna

Serbian songstress Nevena Božović was next on stage for round 2 of rehearsals for Kruna. The song demands confidence and Nevena, a former Junior Eurovision Song Contest entrant, commands the big stage.

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10. Belgium - Eliot with Wake Up

18 year old Eliot was back today for round 2 of his stage preparation. With 2 drummers at his side, the power of their beat resonates onto the big screen graphics behind the stage as Eliot performs Wake Up. A slight change in his performance compared to the first rehearsal; he performed with his jacket undone.

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11. Georgia - Oto Nemsadze with Keep On Going

Oto Nemasdze certainly does Keep On Going as he performed his song 3 more times in his second rehearsal with his 5-man backing vocal choir. The song puts the emphasis firmly on big vocals and operatic harmonies, amplified by the graphics on the LED screens.

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12. Australia - Kate Miller-Heidke with Zero Gravity

Flying high above the Tel Aviv stage, Kate Miller-Heidke and her 2 backing dancers continue to defy gravity with their daring performance of Zero Gravity. The aerial acrobatics do not get in the way from hitting all the right notes as Kate performs high up on a pole. She even has to stay on it to enter and exit the stage in one of the most complex stage settings of the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

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13. Iceland - Hatari with Hatrið mun sigra

Hatari had another slick set of run-throughs at Expo Tel Aviv. The pyros are nicely synchronized to the song and start earlier in the song compared to the first rehearsal. The choreography is elaborate and the vocal levels are working well.

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14. Estonia - Victor Crone with Storm

In another complex technical video production, Victor Crone's Storm includes a pre-recorded sequence that requires him to record a Steadicam shot in front of a green screen. Once again wearing a leather jacket and white shirt, Victor gave a determined rendition of Storm.

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15. Portugal - Conan Osiris with Telemóveis

Conan Osiris and his backing dancer returned to the stage for what was the last of the day's 15 second rehearsals. With the stage and costume colours reflecting the national flag of Portugal, they performed their artistic entry again.

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What about Greece and San Marino?

Greece and San Marino will rehearse tomorrow morning, before the second Semi-Finalists begin their second rehearsal rounds. Be sure to check back tomorrow to see how they compare to the rest of the competition from the first Semi-Final.

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Who is your favourite so far to qualify from the first Semi-Final? Let us know in the comments!