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12 times Eurovision was simply iconic

30 December 2014 at 18:53 CET

Twelve moments that will define this year's Eurovision Song Contest in the future. Sounds good but for us here at that was a very difficult task.

After some discussions, where many more moments had to be left out, we came up with this countdown chart: our 12 most iconic moments from this year's contest:

12. A most spectacular opening

An action movie in the streets of the Danish capital, an impressive light show, amazing dancers, loads of fireworks, 26 brilliant artists and of course flags, thousands of flags! How many other shows in the world have such a spectacular opening sequence as the one we had this year in Copenhagen?

11. Sky divers: the parachute

We are used to some of the greatest, most espectacular -and sometimes bizarre- performances in the Eurovision Song Contest. And Georgia has produced some eye catching ones since their debut in 2007. But we had never seen a drummer in a parachute on stage, until this year.

10. When Tanja leaned

Yes, you've read well. The Estonian performer Tanja and her dancer delivered some of the most complicated routines we've ever seen... while singing live! And that included this Amazing leaning we can't get enough of.

9. Catwalks for everybody, Dance!

We love a catwalk in the Eurovision Song Contest. It made it's first appearance in Tallinn in 2002 and this year we didn't have one but two! Israel's Mei Finegold sure knows how to work it to the beat of the Same Heart.

8. The rain, THE RAIN!!!

The title of the Spanish song this year was Dancing In The Rain and, despite its performer Ruth Lorenzo didn't dance, she was definitely singing in the rain thanks to some awesome effects and not a drop of water!

7. Third time lucky

She's only the third act to represent San Marino in the history of the contest. And it was the third time in a row that she tried her lucks in the contest. And she proved the proverb right: Valentina Monetta reached the Final with Maybe, her third attempt, taking her country to the Final for the first time. An achievement that deserves to be watched again:

6. A trampoline to Rise Up

Greece certainly know how to surprise with their stage performances and this year it was time to innovate with a never-seen-before prop in the contest: a trampoline. The perfect device to Rise Up!

5. That hamster wheel

Talking about innovative props... the hamster wheel. The beautiful Maria Yaremchuk brought along a handsome dancer to Tick Tock around her and inside the wheel creating a very special atmosphere for the first song in the Final, Ukraine.

4. United like Siamese twins

Masha and Nastya, the Tolmachevy Sisters, are very close. So much that Russia's winners of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest made their appearance at the "Big" event with their ponytails tied to each other while standing on a rocker! Anything to make them Shine.

3. The road to success

Calm After The Storm is the title of the song that represented The Netherlands and finished in second place allowing The Common Linnets to have the biggest hit out of this year's participants. A less-is-more type of performance introduced by this image of a road that we love so much.

2. The slavic girls

We're sure that the Polish girls of this year won't be forgotten any time soon: with combined views of more than 13 million on our YouTube channel that is almost a fact. Cleo and Donatan's song was graced on the stage by the slavic girls in their...ehrm, traditional costumes.

1. Conchita

If this 2014 Eurovision should be remembered for only one thing -and for us that's almost impossible to decide- it would be the winner. Conchita Wurst stormed the stage of the B&W Hallerne in Copenhagen with the Bond-Theme sound-alike Rise Like A Phoenix which she belted since her first appearance at the second Semi-Final. So good we almost forgot she had a beard!