12 Polish songs announced

Altogether, 122 songs were entered to be judged by a special jury and the twelve hopefuls that made the Polish final are the following:

  • Marco Bocchino and Ola Szwed - All My Life
  • Kasia Skrzynecka - Amazing
  • Ira - Dobry Czas
  • Dali - Everyday
  • Lidia Kopania - I Don't Wanna Leave
  • Renton - I'm Not Sure
  • Stachursky - I Nie Mow Nic
  • Det Betales - Jacqueline
  • Mikromusic - Kardamon I Pieprz
  • Artur Chamski - Kilka Slow
  • Man Meadow - Love Is Gonna Get You
  • Tigrita Project - Mon Chocolat

An international field for this year's Polish final with artists from Belarus (Dali), Norway (Det Betales) and Sweden (Man Meadow) competing. The winner will be decided in a televised show on February 14th and will follow up Isis Gee as the Polish representative in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.




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