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12 contestants in the Lithuanian selection

Posted 19 December 2014 at 0:59

The 12 best artists for the Lithuanian national selection Eurovizija have been chosen by the well known faces in show business: Ramūnas Zilnys (music reviewer), Edmundas Seilius (opera singer), Audrius Giržadas (LRT’s Chief Producer), Linas Adomaitis (former Lithuanian participant in the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest).
Here is the list of the 12 participants:
  1. Monika Linkytė
  2. Reda Striškaitė
  3. Milita Daikerytė
  4. Karolina Mondeikaitė-Liepa
  5. Jurgis Bruzga
  6. Wilma La
  7. Vilija Pilibaitytė (Mia)
  8. Band Rolikai
  9. Vaidas Baumila
  10. Tadas Juodsnukis
  11. Neringa Šiaudikytė
  12. Edgaras Lubys
Some contestants have already some Eurovision experience. Mia (Vilija Pilibaitytė) and Vaidas Baumila participated in the Lithuanian national selection last year.
The first show has already been recorded. Here are some impressions:
{ImageGallery#Preview: 122603}
The whole procedure of Eurovizija consists of the 10 shows, with the national final on the 21st of February (the 8th show). In the first two shows, the Tv viewers will have the possibility to get to know talents of all 12 participants – so nobody will be eliminated. More about the course of the Lithuanian national selection you can read in the feature we published before:
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