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10 reasons to watch Junior Eurovision!

18 November 2016 at 18:00 CET
The 2016 Junior Eurovision Song Contest is only days away. The 14th edition of the competition takes place in Valletta's Mediterranean Conference Centre on Sunday 20th November at 16:00 CET. This is the second time in three years that Malta has hosted the competition and this year there are more reasons to tune in than ever before!

Ten reasons to watch Junior Eurovision

1) Great music

17 countries will participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest including Australia and Ireland which participate for the second time. Poland makes a return to the competition for the first time since 2004. There are a range of different musical styles in Junior Eurovision this year from belting ballads to uptempo dance songs. 

2) Jedward

Irish twins Jedward are appearing in Junior Eurovision this year. They will be part of the first ever expert panel that will provide valuable feedback to the participants. Jedward represented Ireland twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, in 2011 and 2012. They hold the record for Ireland's best placing since 2000 when they finished eighth in Düsseldorf with Lipstick in 2011.

3) The performances

Junior Eurovision wouldn't be Junior Eurovision without the props and energetic choreography. Watch out for the two acts that will use hoverboards during their performance and of course, there's also the props.

4) Destiny's new single 

Destiny Chukunyere won the 2015 Junior Eurovision Song Contest and is the reason why the 14th edition of the competition will take place in Valletta, Malta this year. During the interval Destiny will not only reprise her winning track Not My Soul, but will also perform her new single.

5) New voting format

This year, each singer will be judged by one professional music industry jury and one youth jury made up of children from every participating country. These will combine 50/50 to form that country’s vote. Then, in a format change brand new for 2016, the event will also see votes from three expert judges making up the rest of the overall score (with each judge counting for the equivalent of one additional country).

6) Divas

Whilst there are many different musical styles in the contest this year, the belting ballads that are so much a part of the Eurovision tradition remain. Viewers are in store for a fantastic array of vocal acrobatics!

7) Poli Genova

Bulgaria's participant in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, and presenter of Junior Eurovision 2015, Poli Genova, will make a special guest appearance in the show on Sunday. Poli finished fourth this year with the song If Love Was A Crime. She also represented Bulgaria in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.

8) Malta's moment

Malta is one of the most enthusiastic countries when it comes to both the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision. This is the second time in three years that Malta has hosted Junior Eurovision and this is Malta's chance to shine. Delegations have been treated to Malta's famous hospitality and the show on Sunday looks set to be a spectacular contest.

9) Exclusive online access

The official website of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest has everything you need to know about the contest including reports from the rehearsals and backstage videos. Don't forget to check out the Official Junior Eurovision channel on YouTube

10) Potential stars of the future

This is your chance to spot future Eurovision acts. Many singers from Junior Eurovision have crossed over into the Eurovision Song Contest, including the Tolmachevy Sisters, who won Junior in 2006. The twins represented Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014. Who knows what star of the future may emerge from the 2016 contest?