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Code of Conduct

The following provisions are applicable to, and binding upon, all individuals submitting an application for accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or all individuals accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or are given an Accreditation Card (including any holders of TLA).

By submitting an application and/or carrying an Accreditation Card, You, irrespective of the category under which You are accredited, hereby irrevocably 

  • accept that the provisions of the present Code of Conduct shall apply to You and
  • agree to abide by and be bound by the present Code of Conduct.

Accreditation Cards

You hereby acknowledge and accept that 

  • The Accreditation Card is and remains the property of the Host Broadcaster; 
  • The Accreditation Card is non-transferrable and must be borne and clearly visible at all times during the entire time spent on the ESC's premises; 
  • The Accreditation Card is not valid as a ticket for the dress rehearsals or live shows; 
  • The Accreditation Card must be returned to the Host Broadcaster or the EBU immediately upon request at any time; 
  • Loss of the Accreditation Card should be reported to the Accreditation Centre immediately. The Host Broadcaster reserves the right to charge a maximum of €50 to replace the lost Card.   


You hereby acknowledge and accept that 

  • The EBU and/or the Host Broadcaster and/or the Participating Broadcasters have the discretional right to decide whether or not to grant Accreditation Cards as described in the Accreditation Handbook; 
  • The Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU may refuse, at any time, for any reason whatsoever at their absolute discretion and without being required to provide a justification, access, on a temporary or permanent basis, to any area, to any accredited individual; 
  • The rights granted to any accredited individual may be modified or cancelled discretionally at any time under any circumstance and for any reason, should this be deemed necessary by the Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU, without the need to provide justification; in any case, breach of the accreditation rules (including any provisions of the Delegate Handbook and of the Accreditation Handbook) or non-compliance with any instructions given by authorised representatives of the EBU and/or of the Host Broadcaster shall result in being denied access to the premises or being evicted therefrom; 
  • In case of cancellation or withdrawal of an accreditation, all privileges granted by accreditation shall cease immediately. Denial of access and/or accreditation from the on-going event shall be permanent, unless decided otherwise.

Behaviour at the event

By entering the premises where the Accreditation Card is required for access, You hereby agree and accept: 

  • To comply at all times, promptly, with all instructions given by any representative of the EBU and/or of the Host Broadcaster; 
  • To comply with all provisions of the Delegates' Handbook and of the Accreditation Handbook, which are available at the infodesk; 
  • To be inspected or searched for prohibited items and to have any prohibited items confiscated;
  • Not to carry into or wear on the premises where access requires an Accreditation Card, any political, religious, racist, promotional or advertising material, sign, objects or messages;
  • Not to behave or work in a manner which could infringe other persons' rights or limit or hinder anyone else's working capabilities. Physical and/or verbal and/or sexual abuse or aggression is strictly prohibited; 
  • Not to sell, offer to sell or possess with the intent of selling any goods or services whatsoever, including selling promotional materials via online and offline platforms;
  • To assume all risks related to your attendance at the ESC and other related events controlled by the Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU;
  • That it is strictly prohibited to create, manufacture, distribute or carry fake Accreditation Cards and/or to carry the Accreditation Card of someone else. Such violation will result in a permanent exclusion from accreditation to any subsequent EBU event and will be reported to the relevant authorities;
  • Not to lend your Accreditation Card to anyone, including to any member of your Delegation or otherwise dispose of your Accreditation Card.

Content material/filming at the event

You hereby acknowledge and accept that 

  • The Delegate Handbook specifies what content Press representatives and/or media outlets may produce; any use of material which is not specifically allowed in the Delegate Handbook or hereunder shall be strictly prohibited except with the prior written express approval of the EBU;
  • Press representatives and/or media outlets which have been accredited at previous ESCs may be asked by the entity granting accreditation to provide copies of their previous coverage of the ESC to make sure that they have actually covered the ESC’s the previous years and that they are eligible to get a P-accreditation;
  • You are strictly prohibited from recording and/or transmitting and/or making available (on any media, including, without limitation, the Internet and mobile devices such as mobile telephones and PDA's) images of the rehearsals, press conferences and live shows from any of the screens on the ESC's premises;
  • Holding an Accreditation Card shall in no case confer the right to broadcast, record, transmit or otherwise make available, in part or in whole the broadcast signal of the rehearsals and/or the Shows;
  • You hereby grant the Host Broadcaster and the EBU and/or their licensees the non-exclusive right, on a free of charge basis and without limitation in time, to use and record your voice, image and likeness in connection with moving and still image broadcasts, any recordings related to the ESC or other related events controlled by the Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU.

Personal information

You hereby consent to and accept that 

  • Your Personal Information be collected and used as set forth in the Privacy Policy mentioned under the Accreditation Handbook and the Accreditation Tool (;
  • The EBU may periodically change, modify, add or remove or otherwise update the Privacy Policy at its discretion, without prior notification. However, the EBU will always handle your Personal Information in accordance with the Privacy Policy that was in effect at the time of collection.   


You hereby accept and agree that

  • You shall not hold the Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU and/or the Participating Broadcasters liable for any costs, damages, including any direct, indirect or consequential damages which may arise pursuant to your attendance at the Event and/or pursuant to any refusal of access and/or withdrawal of the Accreditation Card;
  • You shall compensate any loss or damage and that You shall indemnify the Host Broadcaster and/or the EBU and/or the Participating Broadcasters against all damages and liabilities which may result from and/or arise out of your breach of any provision of the present Code of Conduct (including any provisions of the Delegate Handbook and/or of the Accreditation Handbook) and/or from any behaviour by which You may harm the reputation and/or the image of the EBU, the ESC, the Host Broadcaster and/or the Participating Broadcasters;
  • All decisions taken by the EBU, the Host Broadcaster and/or the Participating Broadcasters shall be final and binding and You agree that no remedy shall be possible.  

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