Every year, some 1,550 journalists from over 80 countries gather to cover the Eurovision Song Contest live. On this page, you can find practical information about the press accreditation process.

How to apply

Accreditation window

The accreditation window for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam will open in due time.

Accreditation Handbook

Once the Accreditation Handbook becomes available, it will be published here.


  • For technical support (e.g.: you are not able to upload a photo), please contact [email protected]

  • For all your other questions (e.g.: if you need to make changes to your application), please contact [email protected]

    The EBU's Terms and Conditions are applicable to, and binding upon, all individuals submitting an application for accreditation to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or all individuals accredited to the Eurovision Song Contest and/or are given an Accreditation Card (including any holders of TLA).

Last updated: 10 October 2019