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Vilija Matačiūnaitė

Vilija Matačiūnaitė was born in early summer of 1986. Rumor has it, that she was not screaming, but singing the day she was born. Her talent, back in the days, was spoted by the kindergarden teacher. However, her professional singer career started just in 2004, when she turned 18 and decided to compete in an international singing competition "Amber star" in Latvia, where she won 2nd place.

A year later, in 2005 she decided to participate in one of the most successful Lithuanian TV reality-singing competition "The Way To The Stars". Again, she was among the leaders and took 2nd place. After this competition she became famous singer in the country.

2006 was the most productive year in Vilija's career. To begin with, she became a radio host in a national radio station "Lietus" as well as released a debut album Mylėk (2006), which is about to become the platinum. 

Along with that, she participated in two TV reality-singing competitions: "National League of Music" and "National League of Music – Christmas Cup". In both of them she won 1st place. The same year Vilija won 3rd place in an international competition held in Moldova – "The Crystal Stork".

In year 2007 she won 1st place in a TV reality-singing competition "National League of Music – St. John’s battle" and was in the TOP 10 of most radio played singers of that year. A year later, Vilija and famous Lithuanian actor Ramūnas Rudokas participated in a TV reality-singing competition "Singing With The Stars". They made to the final.

In 2009 she got a lead role in a Christian rock opera Resurrected and in 2010 Vilija got a main female role in a Lithuanian TV series "My beloved enemy". She also manage to prepare herself for the international singing competition "Sea songs" in Ukraine, where she was third.

In 2011 Vilija once again took part in another competition held in Moldova – "Golden Voices", where she won the 2nd place. In the same year she graduated Jazz vocal studies at Vilnius College. A year later, while she was living in UK, Vilija won 1st place in country singer competition "Melange Factor".

Eventually she got back in Lithuania and in 2013 participated in Lithuanian's established singer's competition "Golden Voice", where she took 1st place. Afterwards she became a presenter on a TV show "Romeo and Juliet".

In this years Song Contest held in Denmark, Copenhagen Vilija Matačiūnaitė will participate with the song Attention. As it is known, she created song's lyrics while living in London. "I was walking down the street and these lyrics just poped into my head. Suddenly I was walking and singing: "Attention, a little care and we can have love love love love ONE love... “, - she explained.

But lyrics is not all, a good song must have a good music. At first, she thought of reaggae version of it, but later on, meeting a young Lithuanian academic music composer Viktoras Vaupšas, song's arrangement has changed. 

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Attention

Did you think that you can get me, boy? (no)
Think again, babe.
Thought you could buy me for a drink or two,
But I’m not that easy

You saw me chattin’ with my girls at bar (true)
We’re all pretty
You told me I look like a movie star,
But I’m not naive

So… I’m gonna make you, make you fall,
down do-do-down down on your knees.
I’m gonna make you,
make you fall down to get all…

Attention, a little care
Then you can have a love love love love, some love
Attention, a little care,
And you can have lots of love

Do you dream abourt me in your bed?
Keep on dreamin’
You thought I’d give it to you – all I have (wait)
Not the first night

You said that it might be the love at first sight (babe)
Hold your horses
You told me you’re the best I’ll ever have,
But I just don’t believe

I’m not gonna ask you buy me diamonds,
no no no no,
Just behave yourself, treat me very well,
give me some:

Attention, a little care
Then you can have a love love love love, some love
Attention, a little care,
And you can have lots of love.
Alors ! Alors !
Tu croyais que tu pouvais m'avoir, garçon ? (non ) Tu t'es gourré bébé
Tu croyais que tu pourrais m'acheter avec un verre ou deux, mais je ne suis pas si facile

Tu m'as vue chatter avec des filles au bar ( vrai ) on est toutes jolies
Tu m'as dit que je ressemble à une star de ciné, mais je ne suis pas naïve

Alors ...

Je vais te faire tomber, tomber tomber tomber sur tes genoux
Je vais te faire, te faire tomber pour vous avoir tous ...

De l’attention, un peu de soin pour moi
Alors t'auras de l'amour de l'amour l'amour l'amour, un peu d'amour
De l’attention, un peu de soin pour moi
Et t'auras beaucoup d'amour

Tu rêves de moi dans ton lit ? Continue à rêver
Tu pensais que je te l’avais donné – tout ce que j’ai (attends) Pas la premiere nuit
Tu disais que ça peut-être le coup de foudre des le début (bébé) Retiens tes chevaux
Tu m’as dis que tu es le meilleur de ceux que j’ai jamais eu Mais je n’ai juste pas crue

Je vais te faire tomber, tomber tomber tomber sur tes genoux
Je vais te faire, te faire tomber pour vous avoir tous ...

Je ne vais pas te demander de m’acheter des diamants, non non non,
Juste sois toi même, traite moi bien, do-o-o-one moi un peu de: