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VICTORIA's distinctive voice and style position her as one of the most promising new artists in Bulgaria.

Growing Up is Getting Old tells of a journey to self-improvement by revisiting your roots and the places you feel safe. On writing the song, the Bulgarian singer revealed that she was thinking about the most important people in her life: her mother, her father, her sister, and her friends.

VICTORIA became popular after participating in the 4th season of X Factor Bulgaria, and interest in her music grew further when she was announced as the 2020 Bulgarian representative for the Eurovision Song Contest.

The musician loves animals and has 4 rescue dogs, two rabbits and a parrot. In 2020, she was one of the official European Ambassadors of Earth Hour and the first Eurovision artist from Bulgaria to perform at Sofia Pride.

VICTORIA also made Forbes Bulgaria's annual ‘30 Under 30’ list last year.

Music video

Lyrics of Growing Up Is Getting Old

Playing tetris with my feelings
Trynna keep them all inside
Hollow shadows and my soul is spilling over, I'm out of time

Closing every door
Wanna be alone
Lonely is a way that I survive
Sick of wanting more
Sitting on the floor
Wondering where all my feelings go

Nervous system's aching
Growing up is getting old

Don't get it, there's an ocean of emotion that I'm carrying inside
I am cautious,
Cause I've never understood how so much can fit in little me

Star crossed soul
And I'm used to letting go
Sink deeper in the flow of it
My demons know exactly where my fears
Are hiding all my tears

I'm torn by nervous system's aching
Growing up is getting old
Anxiety is draining
Getting up is growing old

And if I ever take that second to leave my worries behind
Maybe I could tread the waters of time,
Get out of my mind

Growing up is getting old
Getting up is growing old

If your world is breaking
And growing up is getting old
Know that you're worth saving
And getting up is all you've got