Valentina Monetta

Crisalide (Vola)

🇸🇲 San Marino
Second Semi-Final
Finished 11th
Crisalide (Vola)
Written by
Mauro Balestri
Composed by
Ralph Siegel
Radio Televisione della Repubblica di San Marino

Valentina Monetta is representing the republic of San Marino for the second year in succession, after having just missed out on qualification for the Grand Final in Baku last year.

Valentina Monetta was born on the 1st of March,1975 in the Republic of San Marino. She is the second of two children, her father is from Calabria and her mother is San Marinese. Monetta spent her childhood in San Marino where she attended primary and secondary schools. She then graduated from the high school for arts “Giovanni da Rimini” in Rimini. 

In her childhood she discovered the love for music, listening tirelessly to various musical styles, creating and forming over time a specific taste. Although she has not dealt with an academic background, she had studied piano and singing by herself, reaching the same professional high quality. 

Starting from 1995, she has been working with the best local musicians, becoming a versatile singer with a great talent for improvisation; her voice is both colorful and versatile, ranging from jazz to melodic Italian, from soul to R&B and pop.

Monetta's artistic versatility has allowed her to deal with varied work experience as a singer, actress and presenter, and she even composed the music and written the lyrics to her first solo album, a celebratory work of personal and professional balance, releasing the CD Il Mio Gioco Preferito  recorded with the trio My Funky Valentine.

In 1995, Monetta started an adventure with her first band Tiberio, and soon thereafter formed the Parafunky. She was also part of the group 2Black, as well as forming the female vocal duo Harem'B. In 2002, with the project Charme, she released the single Sharp, and collaborated with the band Bluesmobile.  

In March 2012 she worked with Fabrizio Raggi staging the show Ma Che Differenza Fa, a tribute to Ornella Vanoni in which Monetta shows her singing and acting talent.

In August 2012, still directed by Raggi, she was the protagonist of Camelia, a musical commissioned by UNICEF, in which Valentina presented her songs together with covers of some great Italian singers and songwriters.

Her most recent experiences are all with her live band My Funky Valentine. Performing live for Monetta is crucial, as she really loves the stage and having contact with the public.

She is influenced by her musical idols Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Erika Badu, Caterina Valente and Ornella Vanoni.


Ralph Siegel, a native of Munich, was born on September 30th,1945. His father was a composer and lyricist, his mother an opera singer , so it is no wonder that Siegel began dedicating his life to music at a very early age.

He has written far more than 2.000 recorded songs and hit the Top 100 Charts more than a 100 times, with many of his compositions having reached the number one position worldwide.

This will be his 21st entry into the Eurovision Song Contest, and the second year in a row that he has entered for San Marino. He composed the winning song for Germany in 1982, Ein Bißchen Frieden sung by Nicole, and has several times figured in the top four places in the contest, and describes it "a great honour to represent San Marino one more time in the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Malmö with the wonderful Valentina Monetta; hopefully we have more luck than last year!"

Lyrics of Crisalide (Vola)

Uhuh.... Mmm.... Certe volte dentro me Ho sentito un vuoto che Mi chiamava dentro di sé Vieni ora a vedere la verità C'è un ponte sull'immensità Cosa sono in fondo io Sogno fragile di dio Con un corpo fatto così Grandi occhi colore Vivendo si muore Rinnovati per l'eternità Vola, vola Che la forza arriverà Sempre sola Verso un'altra libertà La farfalla nuova lascia sempre giù La crisalide che eri tu Vuota senza me Dalle nuvole si sa Poi la pioggia scenderà D'improvviso succederà Le ali bagnate Di lacrime che non si asciugano Poi vento verrà E tu vola Vola, vola via da te Sempre sola fino che Un riflesso apparirà Nello specchio che ruba l'immagine In mille pezzi di vertigine E luce scintillerà Quanta vita c'è Non me n'ero accorta mai E se ancora non lo sai L'universo siamo noi Vola Che la forza arriverà Mai più sola Nella vera libertà La farfalla nuova lascia giù La crisalide e di più Vuota senza me Vola Nella gioia sarai Mai più sola Nell'immensità di noi In un attimo l'amore Come nuovo sole Tutto cambierà Vola, vola, vola insieme a me

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