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Valentina Monetta

The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh)

🇸🇲 San Marino
First Semi-Final
Finished 14th
The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh)
Timothy Touchton & José Santana Rodriguez
Ralph Siegel
Radio Televisione della Repubblica di San Marino

The story of Valentina Monetta representing San Marino is a sort of fairy tale. Taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest requires organisation, partners, resources, the right song and the right interpreter. SMtv in San Marino started working on that last autumn, evaluating different proposals. And initially Valentina wasn’t one of them! The internal selection started, the proposals left were finally two and then one, but at the very last moment the unplanned happened. They needed a good, young, Sammarinese singer and they needed her straight away.

Valentina Monetta was singing on a Saturday night, and that same night, the SMtv director was there by chance. She listened to her, and really appreciated her. She was the perfect singer for the song they had already selected. On the Monday they organised an audition.

Monetta has got a rich career, and she is used to adapting every style to suit her. Two days afterwards she recorded the song and shot the video in the production studio.

With her first group 'Tiberio' she got her first taste of Black Music vocals (R&B, Soul, Funky, Acid Jazz), while she worked with Hip Hop with her second group 'Parafunky' and started a new partnership with Monica Giacomobono for the Sharm project, which then became Harem-B. In 2002 she released the single Sharp in collaboration with Paul Manners Production.

She continued her collaboration with vocalist Vanessa J and high calliper musicians like Marcello Sutera, Nicola Peruk and Nabuk. In the meantime, she was able to put her love of jazz and Bossa nova into practice with various local bands.

In 2006, she joined the discography project, 2black, a very successful record in 2004 with the single (a remake of In Alto Mare by Loredana Bertè) Waves of Love, releasing the main track VAI with a new single in the summer of 2006.

She has backed performers such as Silvie Vartan, Vanessa-J, DJ Master Frees, Bombo’s, El Ruben, Elena Cattaneo and Dance-House for musical productions, and the New York artist R Fame. She has also worked with Sammarinese band Blue Mobile.

In the meantime, Valentina created her bases, her melodies and her beats, submitting the song Se Non Ci Sei Tu for the competition to select the artist to represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008.

Today, thanks to her experience, better self-awareness and talent, Valentina Monetta started to explore her love of jazz and Bebop rediscovering the importance of Italian music and its artists. She recorded her album Il Mio Gioco Preferito with the trio 'My Funky Valentine'.

Lyrics of The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh)

oo ooooooo ooo I like Are you ready for a little chat And a song about the Internet It's a story ‘bout a social door You’ve never seen before If you wanna be seen by everyone Wanna be in the dream and have some fun If you wanna be on the hook Then simply take a look Refrain: Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh Everybody loves you so Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh Everybody that you know Do you wanna be more than just a friend Do you wanna play cyber sex again If you wanna come to my house Then click me with your mouse Hello uh oh oh Never gonna let you go Your logging in then it begins And your computer is waking you Taking your time away The scene is right for social light You're on the Internet anywhere Anytime night and day -2- Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh I like Everybody loves you so Oh Oh Uh-Oh Oh Mi piace Never gonna let you go So you wanna make love with me Am I really your cup of tea Are you really the one that’s you And am I really me Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh I like Everybody loves you so Social Network Oh Mi piace Never gonna let you go You’re login’ in with just a friend But soon the Internet's Beeping and peeping around the bend We used to greet friends on the street But now it’s googling giggling gaggling When we meet Beep Beep Uh Oh Oh How about a little chat Group: Oo oo network fans Meet [email protected] the internet Do you really like politics Wanna talk about dirty tricks Are you really a sex machine Or just a beauty queen Everybody is better than before Everybody is calling out for more Everybody in cyber Ville Is knocking on your door -3- Beep Beep Uh Oh Oh I like Everybody does a show Oo Oo Uh-Oh Oh Mi piace If you like it click and go Now you know it is easy loggin' in For a little more fun and cyber sin Wanna know what the net's about The hard part’s loggin’ out Oo Oo Uh-Oh Oh Now I've got a million friends This is how the story ends Oh Oh – Beep beep
J'aime ça Tu es prêt pour un brin de causette Et une chanson sur l'Internet C'est une histoire d'une porte sociale Que tu n’as jamais vu auparavant Si tu veux être vu par tout le monde Si tu veux rêver et t’amuser Si tu veux être sur le crochet Alors tout simplement prends un coup d'œil Refrain: Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh Tout le monde t’ aime tant Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh Tout le monde que tu connais Tu aimerais être plus qu'un ami Tu aimerais jouer le cybersexe à nouveau Si tu veux venir à ma maison Alors clique avec ta souris Hello Uh Oh Oh Je te laisserai jamais Connecte-toi puis ça commence Et ton ordinateur te réveille En prenant ton temps La scène est parfait pour une lumière sociale Maintenant tu es sur Internet partout À tout moment jour et nuit Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh J’aime ça Tout le monde t’ aime tant Oo Oo Uh-Oh Oh Ca me plait Je te laisserai jamais Ah oui - tu veux faire l'amour avec moi Suis-je vraiment ta tasse de té Es-tu vraiment toi Et suis-je vraiment moi Oh Oh Uh Oh Oh J’aime ça Tout le monde t’aime tant Social Network Oh Ça me plait Je te laisserai jamais Tu es connecté avec un ami Mais bientôt l’Internet est Beeping and peeping Autrefois nous avons salué nos amis Lorsque nous nous rencontrions dans la rue Mais maintenant tout le monde est googling, giggling, gaggling Lorsqu’on se rencontre Beep Beep Uh Oh Oh Tu es prét pour un brin de causette Group : Oo Oo Network Fans Rencontrez-vous @ l'Internet Tu aimes vraiment la politique Tu veux parler à propos de sales tours Tu es vraiment une machine à sexe Ou tout simplement une reine de beauté Tout le monde est mieux qu'avant Tout le monde est criant pour plus Tout le monde dans Cyber Ville Frappe à ta porte Beep Beep Uh Oh Oh J'aime ça Tout le monde fait un spectacle Oo Oo Uh-Oh Oh Ça me plait SI tu veux clique et parts Maintenant tu sais qu'il est facile de se connecter Pour un peu plus de plaisir et aussi pour le péché cyber J'aimerais savoir ce que ce NET veut dire Voilà c’est le fin Oo Oo Uh - Oh Oh Maintenant j’ai des millions d’amis Au revoir les amis de Network Voilà c’est le fin de l’histoire Oh Oh – Beep Beep