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This year, Belarus sends a duet to the 60th Eurovision Song Contest - Uzari and Maimuna. But how does a pop music composer form a duo with a classically-trained lead violinist? The answer is simple: through their shared love of Lord Of The Rings.

With a Belarusian mother and Malian father Maimuma’s family decided to stay in Belarus. Fondly known as 'Moon' to her friends, she is "The First Violin of Belarus". Seeking new challenges, she recorded two albums: Queen of Africa and Showtime.

Uzari is a professional singer and composer, born and raised in Minsk by a very music-oriented family. His first experience with the Eurovision Song Contest began in 2011 when he supported Anastasia Vinnikova in Düsseldorf as backing vocalist. After that Uzari participated in the Belarusian national final in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, he co-wrote the song Sokol for the 2014 Junior Eurovision Song Contest whilst also being busy finalising Time with Maimuna.

What more you should know about them?

What are your proudest achievements?

Maimuma earned the coveted First Violin role in the Presidential Orchestra, but thinks that her children (Diana, five; and Philip, eighteen months) are her proudest achievements.

Uzari loved karate and football at school and eventually had to make a serious decision: music or sports. He doesn’t regret the path he chose, but is glad that he still had the fitness to run 20km per hour during the making of the film clip for Time.

Do you have a lucky routine before you go on stage? 

No, because neither of us want to rely on luck. Hard work, a great team, and passion for what we do and being hugely grateful to be in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest is enough, but a big group hug certainly helps!

What is Eurovision for you?

It is quite simply - the world’s largest live entertainment event, watched by millions not just in Europe but around the world. Not only is it a chance for us to represent Belarus, but also to meet other performers and enjoy every single moment.

Lyrics of Time

Tell me where I belong I've been trying for so long Breaking out through the night Made me see the bright light Now I'm willing to fight And I know that Time is on my side Chorus Time is like thunder a-aa Hear it like thunder a-aa All we've got are somedays and I am Trying not to waste. Time is like thunder a-aa Beating like thunder in our heads Time is like thunder aa-aa-aa Verse 2 At the end of your rope Keep on hoping against all hope oo-o Time is fading away So don't you lose a day We can do what we say Time is like thunder \Time is like thunder \Time is like thunder I know ,you know I don’t want to wait Like thunder \ like thunder Chorus Time is like thunder aaa Hear it like thunder aaa Beating like thunder aaa aaa aaa Time is like thunder aaa Hear it like thunder aaa All we've got are somedays and I’m Trying not to waste. Time is like thunder aaa Beating like thunder …. Time is like thunder aa aa aa I don’t want to wait

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