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Triana Park

Triana Park will represent Latvia in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Line. 

Triana Park is one of the most extravagant acts from their homeland – Latvia. Their sound is unique and eclectic as it combines pop and electronic with hints of hip-hop and some bold rock vibes. The band was founded in 2008 by Agnese Rakovska, who is also the leader of the band. She is backed up by Arturs Strautins (guitar), Edgars Vilums (drums) and Kristaps Erglis (bass). To date they've released two records; their debut, EnterTainment, in 2010 and an EP, Triana Park, in 2014.

The group have played almost every relevant festival in Latvia and they've done some pretty impressive work abroad as well, taking stage at SXSW (USA), Reeperbahn (Germany), Eurosonic Noordeslag (The Netherlands), Waves Bratislava (Slovakia), Waves Vienna (Austria), and the Siirt Gapgenc festival (Turkey). Triana Park are known for their explosive live performances, always filled with energy.

Things you should know about Triana Park

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

Line was never meant to be for Eurovision – we released it as a single from our upcoming album and it just went viral hitting radio charts in Latvia. The first demo of the song was recorded in the bedroom of Agnese's brother Kristians, while exploring new song ideas… That evening back then nobody really knew that Line will be rocking the stage in Kyiv any time soon.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

Triana Park is a band, not a solo act as many might think. The most important aspect about the band members is food – we love to eat, especially banana pancakes with Nutella. Not everybody knows that the lead singer Agnese has two Bachelor Degrees. Also, one of the best baristas of Latvia, Arturs, is the guitarist in Triana Park.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

We usually form a circle and we put our hands together, wish each other good luck, say some random stuff about our life or how we feel, so basically we put our energy into motion. After that we all feel more connected as a group, Triana Park is all about team work. Then we just do a kick ass rock show and have some fun on the stage!

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

Eurovision is a great platform where you can present yourself and your art in a totally different way — the stage is enormous, it is an experience that can help evolve artists. Also it is crazy cool to represent your county among other countries and cultures. We see this event as a celebration of diversity and we will do our best to bring in a lot of creativity and positive energy!

Music video

Lyrics of Line

I’m going round in circles
And the door’s wide open
Cause boy I still want to see you
Days go by, I’m still hoping

Where we draw the line?
Tell me babe,
Where we draw the line?

You told me to move on
Search for love and somebody else
But babe tell me how will I find it
If all I see is you, all I see is you

All I see is you, all I see,
All I see is you…

Where we draw the line?
Tell me babe,
where we draw the line?

My heart breaks to see you,
Days go by, I’m still hoping…
Je tourne en rond
Et la porte est grande ouverte
Parce que, ami, je veux toujours te voir
Les jours passent, j'espère toujours

Où tracer la ligne?
Dis-moi bébé
Où tracer la ligne?

Tu m'as dit de passer à autre chose
Rechercher l'amour et quelqu'un d'autre
Mais chérie, dis-moi comment je vais le trouver
Si tout ce que je vois, c'est toi, tout ce que je vois, c'est toi

Et tout ce que je vois, c'est toi, tout ce que je vois,
Tout ce que je vois c'est toi…

Mon coeur se brise pour te voir, les jours passent, j'espère toujours