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Woki Mit Deim Popo

🇦🇹 Austria
First Semi-Final
Finished 18th
Woki Mit Deim Popo
Lukas Plöchl, Manuel Hoffelner
Lukas Plöchl
Österreichischer Rundfunk

Lukas Plöchl and Manuel Hoffelner make up the band Trackshittaz, who will represent Austria in Baku with their very own music style of tractor gangster party rap.

Trackshittaz consists of Lukas Plöchl alias “G-Neila” and Manuel Hoffelner alias “Manix”. Born in the upper Austrian Mühlviertel district, both band members are flagship examples of their unique genre - “tractor gangster party rap”. The duo first became known for their YouTube hit Alloa bam Fraunz, based on the house track Alors On Danse and Lukas Plöchl’s participation in the ORF casting show Helden von Morgen.

After their début Oidaah pumpn muas’s (platinum status), which appeared early in 2011, and their following hit Prolettn feian längaah (gold status), both of which reached no. 1 in the albums chart, their run of success continued in February 2012 with their third album Zruck zu de Ruabm (gold status). Trackshittaz goes back to its roots here, the raps centering on party and village life. They are supported on their travels by their producer Sam Vahdat, who emphasises the authenticity of the duo and sparkles with his wild sounds and heavy beats.

After coming second at the national final of the “Eurovision Song Contest” in 2011, Trackshittaz succeeded this year in the competition for the Austrian ticket to Baku. In May, they will face the next challenge - the First Semi-Final of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. Hopefully, they’ll get not only Austria but all of Europe dancing with their boisterously youthful impetuosity and their song Woki Mit Deim Popo.

Lyrics of Woki Mit Deim Popo

Wir san am Start Klunker 24 Karat Unsa Bier hot 1 2 grad Mundart yeah wir 2 san Stars plündern Bars Wir san am Start und olle Leid schrein heyaheya hey Wir san Partyindiana trogn de Federn auf de Kepf Und jetz außa mit de Depf jetz kummt de Nudlsuppngang Fruttn yey scho laung kann soichn Jubltrubl gseng Und sie taunzn und sie shaken an de Staungen an de Theken Bin vazaubat d Fruttn schau wie sa si räkeln Geht scho woki mit deim Popo Woki mit deim uuuh uuuh Woki mit deim Popo Yeah yeah so gfoit ma des Geht scho woki mit deim Popo Woki mit deim uuuh uuuh Woki mit deim Popo Weil wos i wü bist du Und i geh nei in Club de Ladies hom an feinen Schmuck Owa er is duat wo man ned glei vermut I schau nur sie au sie taunzt auf da Strip Staung Bin am Start oida zick Fraun bei mir brennt nix au Nudlsuppengang wos geht und alle schrein how how Und die Weiba san am taunzn se gengan nur low low Sie wicklt mi uman-finga sie wü an Winna Winna Und daun kauns springa springa booty shake schlimma Finga Dei Popo hot Gefühle Dei Popo is a Teil von dir Sitz erm ned auf die Stühle Dei Popo hot a Meinung yeah Dei Popo wü Bewegung Drum woki woki woki Dei Popo wü Begegnung Geht scho gib erm wos er braucht Dei Popo wird ned müde Dei Popo sogt wos aus von dir Kum shake erm er wüs wüd he So dass des gaunze Haus vibriert Dei Popo muas am Start sei Drum woki woki woki Dei Popo muas am Start sei Geht scho gib erm wos a braucht
We’re ready to go, 24 carat rock Our beer is one, two degrees. Dialect - yeah - we’re two stars, raiding bars We’re ready to go and everyone shouts “Heyaheyahey” We are party Indians, wearing feathers on our heads Unpack your pots, here comes the noodle soup gang Girls - yeah - haven’t seen such hustle bustle in a long time And they’re dancin’ and they’re shakin’ on the poles, on the bars You’ve put a spell on me, girls – look at them writhe Let’s go, shake your booty Shake your ooh – ooh Let’s go, shake your booty Yeah, yeah – that’s how I like it Let’s go, shake your booty Shake your ooh – ooh Shake your booty ‘Cause what I want is you And I go into the club, the ladies are wearing fine jewels But in places where you wouldn’t expect it at first I look at her, she’s dancing on the stripper pole I’m ready to go, lots of ladies, I don’t miss a trick Noodle soup gang, what’s up? And everyone shouts: Ho – Ho The girls are dancin’, they’re going low – low She wraps me around her finger, she wants a winner – winner And then she can jump jump, booty shake, bad finger Your booty has feelings Your booty is a part of you Don’t just leave it on the chair Your booty has an opinion, yeah Your booty wants to move So shake it, shake it, shake it Your booty wants to move Let’s go, give it what it needs Your booty doesn’t get tired Your booty says something about you Come on, shake it, it wants to go wild So the whole house vibrates Your booty must be ready So shake it, shake it, shake it Your booty must be ready, Let’s go – give it what it needs.
On prend le départ, caillou de 24 carats Notre bière a un, deux degrés. Patois – yeah – nous deux on est des stars, on pille les bars On prend le départ et tout le monde crie "Heyaheyahey" On est des indiens, on fait la fête, les plumes sur la tête Sort tes marmites, le gang des nouilles arrive Les filles – yeah – plus vu une telle ambiance depuis longtemps Et elles dansent et elles balancent sur les barres du bar Suis envoûté, les filles - regarde comment elles s'étirent C'est parti, bouge ton popotin Bouge ton uh - uh C'est parti, bouge ton popotin Yeah yeah – ça me plait C'est parti, bouge ton popotin Bouge ton uh - uh Bouge du popotin Car c'est toi que je veux Et j'entre dans le club, les Ladies portent de beaux bijoux Mais ils ne sont pas là où on pense Je la regarde seulement, elle danse sur la barre C'est mon tour, plein de femmes, je ne prends pas flamme C'est mon tour, ah les filles, je ne prends pas flamme Un gang de nouilles, quoi ? Et tous crient : Ho – Ho Les filles dansent, elles vont juste low -low Elle me mène par le bout du nez, elle veut un Winner- winner Et elle peut sauter sauter, booty shake, mauvais doigt Ton popotin a des sentiments Ton popotin fait partie de toi Ne l'assied pas sur une chaise Ton popotin a son avis, yeah Ton popotin veut bouger Alors bouge, bouge, bouge Ton popotin veut des rencontres Vas-y, donne-lui ce qu'il veut Ton popotin ne fatigue pas Ton popotin parle de toi Vas-y, bouge-le, il veut du sauvage Pour que toute la baraque vibre Ton popotin doit prendre le départ Alors bouge, bouge, bouge Ton popotin doit prendre le départ, Vas-y, donne-lui ce qu'il veut.