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Tornike Kipiani will represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021

Tornike Kipiani


🇬🇪 Georgia
Second Semi-Final
Finished 16th
Tornike Kipiani
Tornike Kipiani
Participant pronouns
Georgian Public Broadcasting

Tornike is a musician, father of 3 children and a professional architect.

When he founded his own band at age 19, he hadn't even consider becoming a vocalist. While Tornike and his bandmates were still looking for a singer to fill that vacant spot, he stepped in temporarily, and the rest is history.

In 2014, Tornike won the first season of X Factor Georgia, where his mentor was the future Georgian-Greek Cyprus Eurovision star, Tamta.

In 2017, Tornike tried to represent Georgia at the Eurovision Song Contest with the industrial techno song, You Are My Sunshine, but was unsuccessful.

In 2019, he returned to Georgian Idol and won the contest along with the chance to represent his nation at Eurovision.

Lyrics of You

Sunshine, I wanna touch you. Wind blow, I wanna see you. I wanna touch, I wanna see, I wanna be, with you. Ocean, I wanna hear you. Mountain, I wanna feel you. I wanna hear, I wanna feel, I wanna be, with you. You're everywhere, where I am. You're in everything, that I do. My love, my love, I wanna be with you. You uuu aaaaa My love my love I wanna be with you.

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