Thea Garrett

My Dream

🇲🇹 Malta
First Semi-Final
Finished 12th
My Dream
Written by
Sunny Aquilina
Composed by
Jason Cassar
On the internet
Public Broadcasting Service of Malta

Malta has found another new talent to show off to Europe - Thea. And once again, the duo behind the artist are Jason Cassar and Sunny Aquilina who also introduced the Maltese queen of ballads, Chiara, to a wider audience.

Thea has accompanied the North West Choir from the UK as a soloist whilst performing an oratory at the Anglican Church in Valletta. She is currently a member of Enkor, a gospel classical choir, with whom she also performs as soloist. 

Recently Thea sang with famous Italian singer, Gigi D’Alessio on the opening night of his world tour in Rome and was again invited to sing in Milan, where this time Gigi accompanied Thea on his piano and let her sing one of his favourite songs as a soloist. Her song My Dream is composed by Jason Cassar and lyrics by Sunny Aquilina.

As a composer, Jason participated in various festivals both in Malta and abroad. He represented Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest 1998 in Birmingham with the legendary Song The One That I Love by Chiara, lyrics by Sunny Aquilina.

They are renowned for finding new talent and good artists. Besides introducing Chiara to the musical scene, the duo also encouraged and worked closely with Kevin Borg, winner of Swedish Pop Idol in 2008.

Lyrics of My Dream

We used to say that dreams could be so true Where am I? What will I be? It's my dream which I could share with you; A new day for you and me Just a smile with warmth in my heart And go all the way, There's so much in life And I'll sing This is my dream, I want to make it really happen And make my dream come true! This is my dream, I'll make it if I just believe it; In a fairytale I'll live it Just like a new born star! Fly above like a sea-gull on the waves And the sun will shine upon your face, Just believe, follow your heart and make it happen, Grow much brighter And we'll say This is my dream, I want to make it really happen And make my dream come true! This is my dream, I'll make it if I just believe it; There is nothing that could stop me I just want the world to know This is my dream! And I know that I'll be strong, It will come true Because I know I'll make it happen This is my dream!

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