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The Toppers


Second Semi-Final
Finished 17th
Gordon Heuckeroth
Gordon Heuckeroth
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The biggest stars in the Netherlands will be taking the stage for their homeland in Moscow. They've broken every record in their country and are more than ready to astonish Europe now!

True fans of the Eurovision Song Contest

The Toppers, Gordon and René Froger, are true fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and have, for many years now, been closely following its development. Their best memories of this event originate from the time that they were little boys sitting and watching the contest with their families on cosy evenings.With pen and notepad on their lap and a bag of crisps close at hand, they awarded points to each song and then compared these to the points given by the jury.

During their concerts over the past four years, the Toppers rendered many medleys of old and new Eurovision Song Contest songs. “Our participation is like a dream come true and an absolute milestone in our careers.We are enormously proud that we are representing The Netherlands at the biggest music event in the world and our trip to Moscow is going to be one big and “over the top” spectacle that no one can ignore.”

With their song Shine The Toppers believe that finally, after all these years, The Netherlands can break through to the finals. The song is about the fact that if people have a positive attitude they can solve nearly every problem.

A successful tradition uniting people

What began in May 2004 as a one-off event with three successful Dutch solo artists, has now grown into a very successful tradition. Toppers in Concert – René Froger, Gordon and Gerard Joling – has broken each and every record since.

This is the show that thousands and thousands of people look forward to each year. More than 850,000 people have enjoyed these shows in The Amsterdam Arena. During these high energy shows, the audience merge to become one big happy family.

The Toppers are very successful More than 1,500,000 CDs and DVDs sold (all number one positions in the charts) and fourteen completely sold out shows in the Amsterdam Arena remind us of this success.

2009 is the year in which the Toppers celebrate their 5th anniversary.It is also the year in which The Toppers proudly announced Jeroen van der Boom as being the new Topper. He has now taken the place of former Topper, Gerard Joling.

Rene Froger

René’s (born on the 5th of November in 1960) professional career started off in 1987 with his hit single Winter In America. From that moment on, René became more popular than ever. Numerous hit singles followed which made him a well established artist in the Dutch showbiz.

His regular concerts transformed into mega-events like the ones in the Ahoy venue. René was the first Dutch artist to do three consecutive "sold-out" shows in the Kuip Stadium. After his four stadium concerts in the Amsterdam Arena in 2004, René committed himself for a few years to the intimacy of theatre.He also further developed the concept of Toppers in Concert. In the meantime, he worked on a new musical adventure and launched his first Dutch album in 2007. The first single, taken from this album, stormed the Dutch charts.


All-round artist Gordon (born on the 6th of July in 1968), started his professional career with the number one hit single Kon Ik Maar Bij Je Zijn, many more hit singles followed. A star was born! From that moment on, he starred in many radio and television shows. Because of his special sense of humour, he is cherished by large audiences.

For more than 18 years now, he is a successful and well-respected artist and besides his solo and Toppers activities as a singer, he knows how to surprise Holland, time after time, with his hilarious and innovative radio- and television programmes. Also, as a juror of successful television programmes like Idols and the X-factor, he knows how to criticise the candidates in a humorous manner but remains sincere and professional. In 2008, Gordon launched his new solo CD A Song For You with an ode to Donny Hathaway. In the meantime, he also published his first book , a collection of his columns which he wrote for a national newspaper and various magazines.

Jeroen van Der Boom

Jeroen van der Boom (born on the 22nd of June in 1972) has been performing since he was twelve years old and can be rightfully called a megatalent. During his college years, he already became a very popular singer/musician until he made his debut in 1992 as a television host. However, performing as a singer always remained his passion and out of hundreds of candidates, he was selected for leading roles in the musicals Barcelona and Novo Mundo. He was also gifted with an impersonation talent and this was revealed in the very popular television/animation series Café De Wereld.

In 2007, Jeroen scored two consecutive number one hit singles. He also starred in Lionel Ritchie’s Symphonica In Rosso in the Gelredome Venue in Arnhem. Since November last year, Jeroen joins René Froger and Gordon as the new Topper.

Lyrics of Shine

Shine, shine, shine There are so many wars right now in this World There are so many things not right There are to many people hurt in this World There are to many men that fight Time is now to make the change Time is on our side Love will make us glow in the dark So open up your heart! Are you ready for a brand new start! Shine! People let your light shine Let the darkness fade away Step into a brighter day Don’t forget about our world today Let your light shine Maybe the answer is just this simple song Let everybody shine a long To keep the World from going wrong! Let your light shine!! So many people with good hearts in this world So many they can make a change So the only thing that we have to do Is love the one we hate! It will change all darkness into bright It will touch everybody’s light The whole World will be lighted All people will be reunited! Shine! People let your light shine Let the darkness fade away Step into a brighter day Don’t forget about the role you must play! Let your light shine Maybe the answer is just this simple song Let everybody shine a long To keep the world from going wrong! Let your light shine!! As long as we believe in good in each men As long as we believe in love The light will guide and take us to the World we all dream off! Let your light shine! Shine! People let your light shine Maybe the answer is just this simple song Let everybody shine a long To keep the world from going wrong! Let your light shine, shine, shine, shine shine!!