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First Semi-Final
Starts 6th
On Fire
Vaidotas Valiukevičius
Vaidotas Valiukevičius, Robertas Baranauskas, Mantas Banišauskas
Lietuvos Nacionalinis Radijas ir Televizija

The Roop is a group made of 3 guys from Lithuania, a country sitting at Europe's geographical centre. Their musical style is described as a mix of rock, pop-rock, soft-rock, dance-rock, indie and pop.

Although their debut single Be Mine was only released in 2014, the artists each have long histories in other music projects. The Roop shows are a mix of energy and feel. Listeners never remain indifferent and bravely get immersed in the musical storytelling of the band. Live shows are characterized as lively, honest and having a strong relationship with the audience. The Roop appeared in all of the largest Lithuania's music festival, such as Granatos Live, Karklė, Galapagai, as well as across the world.

The band's third and latest record – an EP entitled Yes, I Do – was released in May 2018, named after a song the group wrote for the Lithuanian national selection show for the Eurovision Song Contest. That year, their performance stood out, and they won the Lithuanian public's heart. The Roop's music has since been played in different countries all around the globe: in Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, France, Australia, Columbia, Romania, Serbia, Brazil, Portugal and the United States.

After their successful appearance in the 2018 Lithuanian national selection, The Roop was frequently asked about participating again. According to the band, those questions strengthened their decision to return to the competition. Two years after Yes, I Do, The Roop have introduced their brand-new Eurovision song, On Fire. "This year's song is about something I carried within and observed around myself. It's about writing yourself off too quickly. We are underestimating ourselves too often," said band leader Vaidotas Valiukevičius - Naive. According to the group, the name of the song On Fire means being in the state of excitement, feeling passionate, engaged and full of energy.

While talking to one music producer, Vaidotas learned that rather often people in their early twenties come to producers but declare feeling too old to achieve something. The singer believes that the youth cult is too big and inadequate. "People in their thirties already feel untimely aged and hopeless. I believe this is not normal. I faced such thoughts myself, but I strived to change my approach to things, put more energy into my activities than I did when I was 20. With this song, I wish to send my listeners confidence and good vibes. We are all capable of being who we want when we want, and age is not important." The vibrant music video for On Fire was produced by director Indrė Juškutė and cinematographer Adomas Jablonskis.

Lyrics of On Fire

I'm a human not a stone I can make a change and go Wherever I want to. They told me maybe I'm too old. But there's fire in my soul. The heat is getting higher I feel that I'm on fire The World is my desire I feel that I'm on fire There's no doubt I'm strong enough To reach the state I've dreamed of. It's gonna happen. And I will do what I can Just to be a better man. The heat is getting higher I feel that I'm on fire The world is my desire I feel that I'm on fire Can't believe it took so long To take action and move on. No one can stop me. Through the clouds there comes the sun. And I'm ready for some fun. The heat is getting higher I feel that I'm on fire The world is my desire I feel that I'm on fire