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The Humans

The Humans will represent Romania in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'Goodbye'.

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The Humans is a band of six members, each with their own mix of musical backgrounds. The band consists of Adi Tetrade, Alin Neagoe, Alex Matei, Alex Cismaru, Corina Matei and Cristina Caramarcu who is the lead vocalist. After being in a band called Jukebox for ten years Alin Neagoe (bass), Alex Matei (piano), Cristina Caramarcu (vocals) and Adi Tetrade decided to lay the foundations for a new musical project, joined by Alex Cismaru (guitar) and Adi Tanase (vocals): The Humans. 

About Cristina Caramarcu (vocals) 

Cristina Caramarcu splits her time between Bucharest and Rome. Giving up a promising career in telecommunications, she quit her job, started taking singing lessons and joined Jukebox soon after, where she met her current band members Adi Tetrade, Alin Neagoe and Alexandru Matei.

About Alex Matei (piano)

Alexandru Matei is a George Enescu Music Academy alumni, he studied piano privately under the guidance of the famous jazz pianist Marius Popp. He collaborated with famous Romanian artists such as Andra, Stefan Banica and Damian Draghici, while also being part of bands such as Jukebox and Supermarket.

About Adi Tetrade (drum)

Adrian Tetrade was introduced to a drumkit by his grandfather when he was only three years old. After graduating, he continued his percussion studies in Budapest under the guidance of Nestor Ivan, Hungary’s famous professor. During his musical career he played in various famous bands such as Sarmalele Reci, Compact and Paula Seling's band, while also collaborating with TV shows such as Dancing With The Stars, The Voice Romania and Strictly Come Dancing. Driven by his passion for music, Alin Neagoe co-founded the band Supermarket, which won numerous national awards. He joined Jukebox in 2006, where he met his future band members Alexandru Matei, Adrian Tetrate and Cristina Caramarcu. 

About Alex Cismaru (guitar)

Alexandru Cismaru is a George Enescu Music Academy alumni, just like Alexandru Matei, where he studied guitar. With a large number of guitar awards in his portfolio, which includes three consecutive number one awards at George Georgescu International Festival, Alex was a part of various pop, folk and blues bands. 

Alin Neagoe (Bass Player)

Driven by his passion for music, he co-founded the band Supermarket, which won numerous national awards. He joined Jukebox in 2006, where he met future band members Alex Matei, Adrian Tetrate and Cristina Caramarcu. He is an avid Fender fan, opting to personalise his guitars with personal touches. 

About Corina Matei (cello)

Born in Bulgaria, Corina Matei joined the Varna Opera Child Choir when she was only seven years old. Three years later she moved to Romania, where she started studying the cello. She is a communications and PR graduate, combining her passion for music with her PR skills.

In the current format, the band was became known to a broader audience with their presence in the TV show ZazaSing, broadcast on the Antena 1 channel. The Humans project is not just about entertainment, but emotion translated in music through original compositions and remarkable remakes of the most famous rock songs.

About the song writers and composers 

The song Goodbye was composed and produced by Alin Neagoe and Alexandru Matei, the lyrics were written by Cristina Caramarcu and the video was directed by Anthony Icuagu.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Goodbye

It’s time
For me to say goodbye
It’s fine
I’ve tried a million times
To kiss
The emptiness
And make her mine

I should’ve stayed
But I already left a thousand times
I’ve won my fights
Nobody new nothin’ about
All alone
Trapped in a void
Can’t see the light

Why don’t you see the beauty that surrounds you everywhere
Why can’t you feel the joy in all the small things people share
And all the happiness that by the way is all for free
Open your heart, recieve the love and stay with me

Don’t be afraid
I hear your cry
Don’t cry

We should all see the beauty of the precious gifts we have
‘Cause everyone deserves the power to go straight ahead
Never give up, don’t hit the floor, don’t trust in all the lies
No matter what the odds will bring you, please don’t say goodbye