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Svetlana Loboda

Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)

🇺🇦 Ukraine
Grand Final
Finished 12th
Second Semi-Final
Finished 6th
Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)
Yevgeny Matyushenko
Svetlana Loboda
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The creative genius of Svetlana Loboda will perform for Ukraine at this year's contest. She's a local icon in many areas, starting with singing and ending with script writing and fashion.

Svetlana Loboda - singer, composer, musical and fashion producer, script writer

Svetlana Loboda was born on the 18th of October, 1982 in Kyiv, the 2005 Host City of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Studying piano, conducting, variety and jazz vocal, having the experience of composer, leading role actress in musical, TV host, designer, photographer, singer in Ukraine’s, Russia’s and CIS most popular girls band and finally a solo artist, in her 27th year Svetlana has come up as one of the top music stars in her country.

From very early ages the future queen of epatage showed a strong tension for music and acting, showing the real home musicals for her parents and relatives on family holidays. In the specialized music school Svetlana studied piano and at the same time mastered the art of singing and conducting.

Having finished music school Svetlana didn’t give up her music studies and entered the department of variety and jazz singing at Kyiv Variety And Circus Academy. It was the time, when she become a member of the band Cappuccino. In 2003 Svetlana Loboda participated in the casting for the first ever Ukrainian professional musical The Equator, where she got the leading role of Mirana.

In December 2003, Svetlana started a new band – Catch. She works out the repertory and stage costumes for the band. That was her first professional experience of composer and designer.

In 2004 Svetlana went to the casting for VIA Gra band, well-known in Eastern Europe and having successful gigs in Japan and other countries. Thanks to her vocal, choreography, and magnetic image she managed to surpass nearly 500 rivals and became a new soloist of the band. Svetlana’s first appearance as a member of the band was a special guest performance in the TV-show Star Factory.

At the end of November 2004 Svetlana Loboda started her solo career.

Svetlana’s first solo music video was Cherno-Belaya Zima (Black-and-white Winter). In a year, in November 2005, she released her debut album Ty Ne Zabudesh (You Won’t Forget).

In 2006, Svetlana worked as the presenter for the TV-programme ShowMania and in 2007 become the host of Miss CIS.

In Spring 2008, the singer released the album Ne Macho (Not Macho).

April 2008 saw the launch of her own fashion line wearing the name F*ck The Macho. The scandalous, as it may seem, the idea became the popular trend and stylish concept, expressing social protest against false glamorous trends and sticky stereotypes.

The creative potential of Svetlana doesn’t end up with the described! Later on, in Autumn 2008, she tries herself as the script writer for the music video Za Chto (For What) which proved to be a success.

Lyrics of Be my Valentine! (Anti-crisis Girl)

You are so sexy BOM Gonna make me crazy BOM We’re gonna do the BOM BOM Ain’t that amazing BOM I’m very busy BOM It’s not so easy BOM I’m gonna tease you BOM BOM Without a reason BOM I'll call you on the phone You speak in monotone Don't want to be alone Because I'm crazy, BOM. Baby Baby you’re so fine Be my Be my Valentine Of my pride and prejudice I will just reminisce These are the things you can’t miss Come on give me a kiss There’s nothing dangerous I know what’s waiting on us We’ll keep each other restless Oh boy you look impressed The charm that I possess Will put you to the test To satisfy my interest Come over be my guest I’ll show you to my nest You’re under arrest The others may be jealous Cause you’re the one who’s blessed Baby Baby you’re so fine Be my Be my Valentine Baby, I can save your world! I'm your anti-crisis girl!