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This year's Eurovision Song Contest representative for Armenia is Srbuk, a 24-year-old pop-soul singer, recording artist and songwriter whose career took off after taking the runner-up spot in the inaugural season of hit TV show 'X Factor Armenia' in 2011. She has been studying music since her early childhood and has become one of Armenia's biggest stars.

Shortly after X Factor Armenia came to an end, Srbuk began playing small local concerts together with her band. Focussing mainly on covers of American songbook standards, jazz, soul, R&B and contemporary pop, they quickly developed a strong following. Srbuk has become one of the most popular musical acts in Armenia, constantly taking part in music festivals, televised programs and public events. Over time, Srbuk began developing her own unique artistic style, drawing from her influences which encompassed a wide range of musical styles and heroes.

Her influences range from legendary and classic vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Etta James, and Ella Fitzgerald, to the soul and R&B influences of artists and performers like Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles and Michael Jackson. All of these influences and experiences have culminated into her debut single as a solo artist titled Yete Karogh Es which was on top of the Armenian charts for weeks.

Last year, Srbuk participated in The Voice: Ukraine where she reached the final and became one of the most popular contestants. Later that year, Srbuk released her single entitled Half a Goddess.

Music video

Live performance

Lyrics of Walking Out

Who are you, what you really do
When you have to fight the agony
That’s aiming back at you
Who are you
Who you run to
Depend, defend, hope on
Can you function on your own

Are you from those
Who will swallow down
The pain, disgrace
The sadness (yeah)
When the one
You love so much
Can take your soul
And break it

Wait for, oh wait for
What I waited for
Wait for o wait for
On no I’m done~~

Walking out (uhuuu)
Whatever I’ve built
I’m gonna burn down
I’m walking out (uhuuu)
You’re no more a king
‘Cuz I’ was your crown

Walking out, walking out
No crying now
Walking out walking out
No begging now
Walking out (uhuu)
At last, I feel proud
I’m walking out

First you said, you would die for me
But~ in the end I was the one
Bleeding all alone
First you said
You kneeled, you swore
You loved, you lived for me
How could you forget it all

Are you from those
Who can take a loving heart
And squeeze it out of love
Than prepare to slowly get
Not loved but hated instead

You knew that my heart wasn’t small
But somehow you came and filled it all