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Slavko Kalezić

Artist. Theatre. Music. Movies. TV series. TV media. X Factor. One man show. Vegetarian. Cosmopolitan. Those few words describe the diversity of Slavko Kalezić, who will represent Montenegro in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Space. 

Slavko Kalezić was born on the 4th of October, 1985, in Podgorica, Montenegro. He started higher education in 2004 at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Montenegro and graduated in 2007. He specialised in dance and singing and in 2009 started a masters in acting where he perfected movement as an important tool in 21st century theatre. 

Since 2008 Slavko has been a permanent member of the acting ensemble of the Montenegrin National Theatre. He cherishes the arts and in addition to theatre, he has had success in film and television. He has had over 30 roles in theatre, acted in six films and appeared in several TV programmes. He has also participated in The X Factor and released his debut album, The Dream of Eternity. He speak English and Italian and is a vegetarian.

Things you should know about Slavko

What are the three most interesting aspects about your entry?

My singing, the concept and the message of the song.

What are the three most impressive facts about you?

I am hard working, talented and emphatic.

Do you have a (lucky) routine before you go on stage?

Of course. I have my own mantra every time before going on the stage. I am keeping it a secret though!

Why is the Eurovision Song Contest important for you?

To represent my country and my nation is an incredible blessing. I want to show that world my performing skills and spread my voice about my life mission. We can be as one. Everything is about strong and positive energy!

About the composer & song writers

Momčilo Zeković-Zeko writes, composes and play bass guitar in the Montenegrin group Perper. The group have released six studio albums and two life albums. He writes and compose for various artists with whom he recorded more than 100 songs. Momčilo has won several awards for text and music and wrote and composed the music for children, written songs for theatre and music for few documentary films. He is also actively engaged in literary work.

Momčilo was also director of the Music Association of Montenegro, a member of the Board of the Organisation for the Protection of the Rights of Music Authors and a member of the Council of Radio and Television of Montenegro. In his spare time he is an active member and chief of the Scout Organization of Montenegro. He is married, with two daughters and two sons.

Adis Eminić is an American songwriter currently residing in Los Angles, California. Born in Bosnia, he relocated to the United States at the age of thirteen. Adis was a writer, producer, and a cohost of San Francisco's popular radio show EESA Live on KSQQ 96.1 FM. Throughout his career he has worked with numerous American and Balkan recording artists. Currently he's a partner at 2220 Records along side American multi-platinum producer Bryan Todd.

Iva Boršić was born in 1977 in Zagreb, Croatia. After she finished music school she graduated with a degree in Croatian and English language and literature at the Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb. She took part in musicals Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Elton John's Aida. She also performed in Spamalot as a member of the Komedija Theatre ensemble, as well as the Beauty and the Beast musical for the Trešnja Children's Theatre in Zagreb. She currently works as a teacher and sings for various bands and in the studio.

Music video

Lyrics of Space

Linen is covered with feathers
Wet dreams, wild nightmares, I surrender
Come into me from within
We can be as one in the sin

The spaceship is ready to blow
Drunk in love, I'm gonna explode
Be my Bonnie, will mix and match with Clyde
Let's explore this galaxy of stars

I have my suit on, no need to worry
Give me your body, let's write a story
Our body language,
Rocket to the stars

Show me your superpowers
I'm Venus and Mars of the hour
I'll protect you if you come my way
Let's soar through the Milky Way

Takin' off, we're takin' off, takin' off
In space we can be as one